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The beta is now available...

I'm very much in two minds here.

If it is not possible to script access to the web version, then it will be a convenience for when you want to check how much Saronite is or you want to quickly relist a few things. No serious seller will, I think, use this regularly without all the add-ons that allow them to list 1000s of auctions and check prices.

If it is scriptable, then I'll be afraid of where this dark path takes them. This would then be the first step, IIRC, down the dark path of 'Paying for items/services that provide an in-game advantage'.
Ironically, without the ability to script access, this is of almost no interest to me.

There is another thing to bear in mind though, Battlenet is probably the slowest site I have ever had the misfortune of having to access on a (semi)regular basis. I don't know if other regions are as slow as the EU version, but I would say that if this is run on the same servers with the same slowness then it won't matter if is scriptable or not, it will be too slow for anyone to be able to use it without becoming aggravated by the slowness and frequent timeouts...

I sincerely hope Blizzard isn't jumping the shark here...
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