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Mission: Annihilation
Deployment type: Dawn of War

Space Wolves: Njal Stormcaller in TDA, 2x Lone wolf in TDA SS/TH, 3x 6xLong Fangs with MLs, 2x 10xGH with 2cPG 1xPF, 2x 5xGH with 1 flamer, 2x 3Swiftclaws +1Attack Bike 1xPF, 2xRazorbacks with TL-LCs.
Each Swiftclaw pack have a Wolf Guard with Combi-Melta/Frost Blade assigned assigned and one WG with with FrostAxe and Combi-Melta goes to my Grey Hunters.

Tyranids ([livejournal.com profile] cbr_paul):
1x Winged Hive Tyrant, 1x Shootyfex, 1 Zoanthrope, 20 or so Hormagaunts, 6x 10 or so Genestealers and 1 Broodlord with a 'stealer retinue.
I could be wrong on some of those as I don't know the tyranids too well...
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And the game ends with a 9-9 draw.

So, what have we learnt from this? Well, I screwed up my deployment pretty badly, so I really deserved to lose. I'm happy it became a draw, that was better than I deeserved after such a poor deployment.

Other than that, I don't think either of us made any glaring mistakes. I have seen the effectiveness of Njal in slowing down enemies (I really must make notes of what he casts and when) and the skill with which Lone Wolves takes down MCs...

Thoughts/comments? (Other than comments regarding the unpaintedness of my army :-p)
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Sherlock Holmes is an excellent movie. I'd recommend everyone to go and see it...
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Very full of bacon turkey :)
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Merry Ba-humbug everyone...
(And Happy Emperor's Day tomorrow)
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Winter Wonderland my hairy ass...
Come on snow, more. more! MORE!
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And we can now add cold to the previous list...
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Currently bored, hungry and tired... Oh the glamour...
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And while I remember, which of you peeps out there are on Googlewave? Or failwave as as I'll be calling it from now on :-D
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Is there a point to it? You have to create a googlewave.com address which noone will have, so you can't find anyone based on their 'real' addresses...

And you can't specify extra adresses that you wish to be associated with, so people can find you (Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn and so on) regardless of which address you have given a specific person...

This sounds like Googlefail to me...
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Thought for the day:
Rational arguments don't usually work on religious people. Otherwise, there wouldn't be religious people.
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Motto for the day:
Putting the "pure" into Puritan, one heretic at a time. For the all-father...
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Thought for the day:
"Explanations of events in the natural and social worlds do not get elevated from the status of hypothesis to that of theory unless they have led to practical results and have therefore been proved objectively truthful. Humans did not get to the moon on the basis of "just a theory" but Newton's theory of gravitation; and Darwin set us on the search for genes with all the practical medical and agricultural implications for humanity that that entails. Intelligent design won't be curing or feeding anybody soon."
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Woohoo Another fine victory for the mighty Space Wolves... ^_^
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I have just discovered that my lounge could host a small apocalypse game :-D
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Slept the day away and feeling somewhat uncoordinated. Great housewarming :-D
Thanks to all who came...
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Gearing up for the house warming...
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And Heigan is down after a long and boring fight.
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About to do the Heigan Dance :-D
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Noth the Plaguebringer is down. That was easy...
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Naxx 10 is a go. This time as OT healer instead of DPS...


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