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Mission: Annihilation
Deployment type: Dawn of War

Space Wolves: Njal Stormcaller in TDA, 2x Lone wolf in TDA SS/TH, 3x 6xLong Fangs with MLs, 2x 10xGH with 2cPG 1xPF, 2x 5xGH with 1 flamer, 2x 3Swiftclaws +1Attack Bike 1xPF, 2xRazorbacks with TL-LCs.
Each Swiftclaw pack have a Wolf Guard with Combi-Melta/Frost Blade assigned assigned and one WG with with FrostAxe and Combi-Melta goes to my Grey Hunters.

Tyranids ([livejournal.com profile] cbr_paul):
1x Winged Hive Tyrant, 1x Shootyfex, 1 Zoanthrope, 20 or so Hormagaunts, 6x 10 or so Genestealers and 1 Broodlord with a 'stealer retinue.
I could be wrong on some of those as I don't know the tyranids too well...
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And the game ends with a 9-9 draw.

So, what have we learnt from this? Well, I screwed up my deployment pretty badly, so I really deserved to lose. I'm happy it became a draw, that was better than I deeserved after such a poor deployment.

Other than that, I don't think either of us made any glaring mistakes. I have seen the effectiveness of Njal in slowing down enemies (I really must make notes of what he casts and when) and the skill with which Lone Wolves takes down MCs...

Thoughts/comments? (Other than comments regarding the unpaintedness of my army :-p)
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Armies: Space Wolves vs. Eldar
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War (We forgot the night fighting rules >_<)
Date: 01/11/2009
Final result: 1-3 )
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Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Length: 6 Turns
Space Wolves won roll to go 1st and nominated the Space Elves to go first
Points: 2000
Monday 26/05

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Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War
Space Wolves Go 1st
Points: 1750
Tuesday 19/05

Space Wolves: 1x VenDread-ML/TL-AutoCannon, 2xLand Speeder Tornados, 1xAttack bike-MM, 1xRune Priest+8Grey Hunters in Drop Pod, 1xWolfGuard Battle Leader+7xWGBGs (4 ACs/LC/PF+3LC/SS) in Drop Pod, 6 Scouts-Sniper Rifles, 6xGrey hunters in Rhino.

Slaanesh: 2xDaemon Princes, 1xGreater Daemon, 3xNoise Marine squads, 1xHavocs, 2x Vindicators, 2xObliterators, 4xTermies.

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SW Forces:
VenDread - CCW/TL-Autocannon, 4xWolf Scouts, 3xWhirlwinds, 10xGrey hunters, 9xGrey Hunters+Wolf Guard Pack Leader/Rhino, 9xBlood Claws + Wolf Priest/Rhino, 2xLand speeders - 2xHeavy Bolter, Land speeder - MultiMelta, 7xBlood Claw Bikers + Wolf Guard Pack Leader + Wolf Guard Battle Leader.

Foul xenos forces:
3xWar Walkers, 10xDire Avengers/Wave Serpent, 10xDire Avengers/Wave Serpent, 10xDire Avengers/Wave Serpent, 3xDark Reapers, 10xWarp spiders, Eldrad Ulthran, 5x Path finders, D-Cannons and crew.

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I always end up with a unit of Grey hunter that screw around in some bushes and never do anything. I have no idea why :-/
I'm disappointed by the performance of the LSMM, but overall very please with the LS with 2xHB each.
All in all most things went to plan and I recovered well from the small hiccups I had...

I think I'll have to offer a 2000pts vs 3000pts game so he might have a chance...


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