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202 days to go and February looks like it will be good for gigs...

[livejournal.com profile] super_boobies has booked the following for us:
Dragonforce 03/02 @ Astoria
Helloween 13/02 @ Koko
Clawfinger 24/02 @ The Garage

It's looking good so far.
Does anyone know of any other good gigs I shouldn't miss?

The last time I saw Dragonforce they rocked harder thanyour mom on crack despite being possible the gheyest band I'd ever seen.
That was at The Barfly, I wonder how well they'l do at a bigger venue like The Astoria. Hopefully they'll be better and gheyer than evah...

And rumour has it that Manowar might be headlining at Wacken.
If that happens, I just might get to go on stage with them.
I can not even begin to describe how astonishingly cool that would be...
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211 days to go...

The excitement is slowly building...
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And yesterdays winners in the arena of common sense would appear to be the schools in Dover...
Yes, yes, terrorism, war, nuclear armageddon, Cliff Richard and New Labour may all be terrible plagues upon mankind, but personally I find this religious rise far more worrying and scary.

I think it was last month or the month before where there was a very interesting line of articles in The New Scientist on this subject.

And anyone in any doubt as to whether religion is good for society's moral fibre ought to read this about how Societies are worse off 'When they have god on their side'...

Now I think I need to go find myself a church to burn...
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And like the Wacken pictures it's all of them.
I'll get rid of the crap ones later at some point...
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Are here...
Unsorted and there are a lot of them...

I'll sort them better some other time...
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Ok, I know that Wacken is 310 days away, but I'm already spaffing furiously.

Both Subway To Sally and In Extremo have confirmed their attendance.
As if there could be any doubt that I wanted to go :)
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I think my fellow M'era Luna goers will find these answers funny.
The rest of you might either misunderstand or just not get it ;)

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answers )


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