Aug. 15th, 2008 11:59 am
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Now this, this is a curry...

I must try that...
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Oh dear, how tempting is this...?
For me, very...

Anyway, mostly moved into my new flat and held a small dinner party last night before my new desk arrives tomorrow.
Delicious Turkey Stroganoff which seemed to be well liked by all the participants.

I'm almost fully moved into my new place and only really waiting for the desk and my internet connection so I can move my PCs over...

After the wonderful fun I've had with Sky I'm obviously not gonna use them ever again and have instead decided to go with Be.
Let's see how good/bad they are..
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For those of you with smoothie makers or blenders that are good for making smoothies, which ones would you recommend?
I could really do with something like that, but I would prefer to buy one that's recommended.

And no, the thought of making Strawberry/Absinthe Daiquiris hasn't occurred to me ;-)
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Now here is some medical research I would volunteer to take part in:

Mmmm, eating chilies (and presumably food containing vast amounts of it)
for money?
That sounds like a win-win situation to me ^_^
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I think my love of garlic is no secret...

And today I came across a simple recipe for combining two of the most
wonderful foodstuffs on the planet.
Chocolate covered Garlic:

I knew it existed but I've never found it anywhere.
That just sounds so yummie I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...
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I feel like I'm constantly stuffing my face with food at the moment.
The flow of nourishment and nutrients just don't stop.

I'm actually getting to a point where I just don't want to keep eating.
Breakfast, late breakfast, pre-lunch snack, lunch, early afternoon top up, late afternoon snack, dinner, evening repast and bedtime snack.
That's a lot of eating in one day...

On the bright side, it's working and I'm loosing weightfat...

Anyway, I'm also in agony as one of my teeth has cracked open. Ow.
It didn't hurt until I accidentally bit down on some food and the gum got aggravated. I also think some nerve endings must have gotten hurt by it 'cos it really friggin hurts like a right bitch now.
Fortunately I'm going to see these nice people tomorrow in my lunch break.
They also fulfill my main criteria.
Namely that I want to be put under general anaesthetic when they do whatever they're going to do...

I hate going to the dentist and I can't handle dental pain, so that was absolutely non-negotiable. I don't care how much it costs and whether or not my health insurance covers it, it has to be done...
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Hmmm, for some reason my colleagues looked at me funnily when I took out my supplies so I could re-stock my larder drawers with food.
Several tins of Peppered Wood Smoked Mackerel, Mackerel in a Rich Spicy Tomato Sauce, Mackerel in a Hot Chilli Dressing and Mackerel in a Spicy Tomato Sauce.
Mmmm, that's a breakfast fit for a king...
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I feel like a fat bloated pig...
I have not only put on a theoretical 3kg over the last week or two, but I have also had 4 cans of coke in the past two days.
And I have noticed that my beergut has gotten a little bit bigger. Dammit!

I say theoretically above as last week I went to the gym in the morning and there fore theoretically weighed less than I do in the evenings :]

It also looks like I may have been a mong and orgotten my training logbook in the gym last night. Dammit. And dammit again!
Fortunately my electronic copy is fairly up to date. I really must remember to update it every day when I get home.

And tonight I will get started with my new years resolution of cooking a new delicious dish I haven't tried before at least once a month.
Tonights experiment will be Linguine with prawns, chili, garlic and spinach...

And as a back-up I'll be making Spaghetti Bolognese in case I screw up :]
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205 days to go...

It's fun when you try to move mailboxes from one server to another and it fails.
It's even better when it isn't yourself who did it :]

I would also appear to have a new PC. Now I should be able to play WoW properly :]

[ profile] super_boobies's food was as good as expected. Prawn linguini with spinach, garlic and chili. Very tasty.
We also half-saw a program called Root of all Evil which was about how bad religion is. I largely agree with basic idea as I too see religion in general as something of a hemshoe. I want my jet pack, I want my hover car, I want that summerhome on Mars dammit. Sadly the guy who was presenting it was exactly the kind of rabid-foam-at-the-mouth scientist who gives scientists a bad name.
I think I have a new favourite quote:
Good men do good deeds, Evil men do evil deeds, but for good men to do evil you need religion. Too true...

And for those who think religion is good for us, please take the time to read this piece and then read the study it's based on.

Oh, damn, back to work...
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206 days to go...

On one hand, merging distribution lists by hand is oring as all hell.
On the other hand, getting a new PC is pretty damn cool :)
If works as expected, then I would appear to have a new main workstation :)

The first day of viking training rocked. I have some great new bruises :D

We did axe training which was really good fun, and as the trainer said, some people have the attitude to be a great axemurdererfighter and some don't. As we were then doing a continuous circle (Everyone fighting and swapping partners when a fight ends) I saw that the German girl who fights with us certainly have that. I was put on the back foot by her ferocity. And she's a head and a half shorter than me. Nearly.
Scary, but at the same time quite fun.
Dane axe training should continue next week, which I'm looking forwards to.
I also took a few more recordings which I will upload later.

Drink in The Dev afterwards with [ profile] londonjon, [ profile] flavius_m and [ profile] cyberglamour was a most excellent end to the day.
And when I went to ask if I could grab a chair from someone, who did I see but not recognise... [ profile] valkyriekaren
It's funny how you sometimes don't recognise someone just because they have hairfalls in.
She joined us and we soon started talking food...
Mmmmm, food...

I'm hungry now.
But I'm a lucky man, [ profile] super_boobies will be making food for me tonight and if it's just an iota as good as the last time she made proper food for me I'll be in for a treat...
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Right now there's a taste explosion going on in my mouth.
Tequila and Cranberry chicken liver pâté from The Patchwork Traditional Food Company...

I'm also looking forwards to my Chicken Liver, Chilli & Lemongrass Pâté. That one is still in my freezer waiting for a good time to be eaten.

My nipple also hurts much less that it did last time I had it pierced which is nice. Slightly sore, but not much.
So, no need to let that keep me away from the gym...
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Ahhh, after searching all my pockets, behind sofas, and even under my bed I had managed to find a few pennies...
Then... A stroke of genius... Before he went to Sweden [ profile] naziboy left me with some... drugs paraphernalia which he didn't need.
To be more accurat, a set of nice little scales. And what was with the scales?

But oh noes, I was still 2p short...

Aha, another stroke of genius.
I looked under my keyboard and...

And now I'm full Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie...
Mmmm :]
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So, [ profile] camillat, [profile] fluffy_bastard and I went for a curry and damn that was one of the nicest curries I've had in London. Ever.

We went to Spice Brick Lane where one of the big selling points was the Bring Your Own Booze policy. Hooray.

It's not overly big, but it was certainly busy.
From the time we placed our order it took about 25 minutes for the starters to arrive and a bit over an hour for the main course. But it was well worth it. One of the good things about having to wait that long for your food is the feeling that it's being cooked from scratch. And it tasted like it was.
My Chicken Tikka Kahari was extra-ordinarily succulent and tender.
I'm sure most of you know that when you cook chicken quickly at a high temperature it attains a rubbery texture. My chicken however seemed to have been cooked for a very long time at a low heat in lots of lovely spices. My food was of light hotness but nicely spiced. I was quite frankly awed by how tasty that dish was...
[ profile] camillat's Chicken Bhuna was equally succulent and tender, also quite light on the heat and mildly spiced.
[ profile] spikey_bastard had a rather nice Lamb Balti which was also rather good...

This is definitely a restaurant worth visiting and I would certainly like to go back at some point in the future...

x-posted to [ profile] londoncurry
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We all know the old ones are coming, so you should make sure that you are amongst the faithful who get eaten first.
I'm not taking any chances, so I got five :]

Also, I still haven't wrecked [ profile] gothicbarbiecat's car and with a bit of luck I won't :]
This is rather swell :]

Had a glorious tex-mex dinner after relaxing at the pool.
Tomorrow we'll try to get there a bit earlierso we can enjoy the sun a bit more.


Oct. 28th, 2005 04:00 pm
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So, if I were to make food and serve it to some hungry ElJay'ers, how does Friday the 4th of November sound?
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And again...
Since I'm no good at writing long entries I thought I'd make this one in soundbite format.
[ profile] flannelcat is a mastercook and if he ever offers to make food for you I'll suggest you say yes.
Kangaroo meat is very tasty. Definitely worth trying again.
[ profile] gelflyng is very funny when she's trying to eat while a bit tipsy. She also doesn't take very well to being tickled :]
[ profile] penguin_worships mother is very nice to talk to on the phone and apparently I have now become 'Mother Liaison Officer' and all calls from said mother will be forwarded to my mobile.
[ profile] gothicbarbiecat can now expect a visit from me on the 10th of November. Tickets have been booked and everfing...
Tinitus is a go. Festival tickets and Plane tickets have been purchased. [ profile] spikey_bastard, get that passport sorted out. You only have a bit over a month to get it sorted...
Good lord my bank account has been pillaged as if it was an English abbey back in the viking days...

As we all know the Starwars prequels sucked mighty wang. In a perfect world Joss Whedon would have made them and they would have been unsucky.
Serenity is one of the best sci-fi movies I have ever seen. I think it's even made it into my top 20 movie list of all times.
Joss Whedon is truly my new master...
And whether you like the movie or not, if you like sci-fi you must go and buy the Firefly DVD box set. Only £17.99 from HMV...

Garlic & Shots on Friday. Oh look at the collective surprise...
Not a big one. Just a meal and a few drinks. Definitely the last tube home...
Anyone coming along?
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Hooray for Garlic & Shots
Hooray for a valiant attempt at drinking them dry
Hooray for cute bar staff that keep bringing me drinks and food

And a double hooray for indiscriminate picture taking :)
Pictures are here.
There are quite a few as I have posted all 128 pictures I took...

After 15+ shots and a same if not more beers I think I'm excused from Viking practice today...
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Meeting up with [ profile] velvetfur & [ profile] spikey_bastard in The Dev briefly last night was fun.
Dinner at the Thai place in Camden was nice too.
Spending the rest of the evening with [ profile] velvetfur catching up and getting the occassional text message from [ profile] spikey_bastard informing us of the progress of his campaign, his glorious victory and eventual anti-victory.

Have showered, shaved and dresed. Now ready to go and see the Frida Kahlo exhibition.
This should hopefully be followed by garliccy goodness at my favourite garlic emporium :)
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So, using dead people for make-up and beauty produts is unethical.
I thought recycling was a good idea. Oh well, never mind...

I would also appear to have the plague. Or flu. Or something like that.
I was feeling very grotty, snotty and sore-throaty last night and this morning, but after a lot of SpagBol with ridiculous amounts of spices and garlic I'm now feeling noticeably better.
I will not be ill while [ profile] velvetfur is visiting. I think I'll give the gym a miss today as well, just to be on the safe side.

Thankfully [ profile] elfenkind's hubby has brought me a DSL modem so I might get on-line tonight.
Sadly I suspect that one of my PSUs might be faulty and responsible for frying one of my machines.
Naturally I don't really want to test it on the others :)
Oh well, I'll tidy all the cabling up tonight, and I might also order an indian take away.
Turmeric is healthy and might be good against this flu/cold/plague/whatever it is.
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Three hours late for work.
I think that's a new personal best :)

Had some lovely wood smoked mackerel for breakfast when I got into work.
I really like the tinned mackerel from Princes The Mackerel in a hot chili dressing has long been my favourite, but today I tried the wood smoked mackerel in sunflower oil and I was blown away.
Such an amazingly full flavour and it didn't seem oily despite obviously being in the sunflower oil until I ate it.
Lovely :)


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