Feb. 19th, 2008 08:16 am
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So, I have just booked:
Turisas 13/03
Kamelot 04/04
Pagan Fest 06/04
Sonata Arctica 21/04
I'm contemplating Epica (06/03) but I don't know if I can be bothered...

Will I be seeing any of you peeps at any of those gigs?
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It's all fun and games here in the investment banking word...

Since I now have a smartphone with Windows Moblie 5 on it, I thought it would be silly not to play with it and just use it as a phone.
And so I did.
And so it broke.
Installing Good Link Mobile Messaging is reasonably simple and easy and I've done it before.
You make sure you have the correct GPRS settings from your network provider, go to the relevant Good website on the device, download the correct software, install, configure and use the license key you get when you were provisioned on the server. It all went well until I discovered that my colleague had provisioned my Exchange 2003 mailbox rather than my Exchange 5.5 mailbox.
Not a problem, I'll just do it myself and do it right.
And so I did.
Except, I didn't remove the existing Good Link software as I thought it would be clever enough to overwrite the existing software.
Needless to say that wasn't the case...
The device now refuses to go further than the boot screen where it seems to initialise GPRS and the phone software but not start the GUI properly.
A soft reset essentially just re-boots the device and didn't do sweet FA and for some reason a Hard Reset which is meant to wipe all data + software off of it and restore it to a pristine factory condition doesn't work.
Nevermind, this is a good lesson and I will find a solution.
In the meanwhile I'll be using my Nokia 6230i as my phone.

Active Sync is, as I said, an absolutely swine. I can get it to work once at home and to get it to work again I need to wipe the device. Bloody useless.
When I plug it in, it activates, pretends to try to sync and just does nothing no matter how long I wait. Quite annoying. I will look more into this at some later stage and probably end up looking for alternatives...
It's working fine in the office though, but here I have a proper grown-up mailserver which seems to make it happy. I have of course gone through the helpfiles and set-up both the device and Active Sync as suggested to make it work with a home based Outlook that just has a pst file to work with, but no dice...

Installing the Blackberry Enterprise Server is not fun. First I had what I thought was SQL errors, but turned out to be Exchange 2003 related.
When an enterprise level application says that there is a database error and this application is heavily reliant on an SQL database I think it's forgiveable to make that assumption.
As an aside, it's funny to see two indians taking the piss out of each other. Especially when one of them are about the size of [ profile] fayeshine and the other is like a big version of Samwise.
Anyway, it turned out that the Exchange 2003 servers RAID array which hosted the storage groups had melted. That would certainly break Exchange 2003...
After that got fixed I then had to fight my way through the Blackberry Technical Knowledge Center trying to find a solution.
Again no dice, so I'm now waiting for T-Mobiles Technical Helldesk to parse our logfiles and see if they can figure out what's wrong.

I caved in and bought a Creative Zen Vision:M. It was too pretty, too siny and too comfortably big to pass up. I had to have it...
And it should be arriving tomorrow...

My knife set is currently with Parcel Force who wanted me to pay Customs charges before they'll deliver. That has now been paid and hopefully it will be with me by the weekend...

I finally got rid of World of Warcraft. Again.
It's a time sink beyond belief and I'm glad it's gone.
I now have one machine that functions as my fileserver, imaginatively called [Server], one machine for e-mailing, LJ'ing browsing and so on called [Nurgle]. This machine could theoratically play WoW if I turned all programs off and ran WoW at all the lowest possible settings. And it would still not be good to play... The machine I used to play WoW on, formerly called [Slaanesh], and my other Compaq which used to be called [Khorne] (Anyone see a theme here?) now both have Windows Server 2003 on them and soon they will be introduced to Exchange Server 2003.
I will really put my head down and get those darned exams over and done with...

This will be helped by the bill I just received for my dental work. £990...
I will be having a quiet October I think, so don't expect to see me out too often next month.
Shame really, especially since I had just started looking for a decent NAS...

And now I'm off to see Blind Guardian...


Sep. 25th, 2006 11:15 am
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Dang I'm tired.

Tooth is sorted thanks to the wonderful wonderful people at The Harley Street Dental Clinic.
The tooth was taken out, a cavity fixed, another potential new cavity sorted in advance of a worsening and my teeth cleaned.
And as promised I was completely out the entire time and never noticed a thing.

I was a little woozy afterwards as you would expect after being so heavily sedated.
Thanks to [ profile] digitalangel for being the 'responsible adult' that accompanied me home :)
Friday evening was a complete write off as I passed out in bed pretty quickly and when I got up I was still woozy.

Saturday was mostly spent tidying and in contemplation of the future.
Should I aim to conquer the world by force of arms or by financial means.
Decisions, decisions...

I like the idea of having armies of Stompy Robots of Doom™, cybernetically enhanced mutant goats and sexy fembots with a penchant for evil crushing the armies of the world, but I also like the idea of just owning *everything* without anyone knowing who really pulls the strings in the world and have people live their little lives in the illusion that anything they do might change things.

Hmm, time for my medication...

Sunday I was still tidying up until I went to The Dev to try this new beer they have and what a shocker, I actually like the taste of the beer in The Dev now.
If they were to get aircon and staff that smiles I might actually go there because I like the place rather than because it's where the vast majority of my friends go...
Afterwards I went to a metal gig as a friends cousins band was playing.
The band is called Kingsize Blues and they're actually quite good.
I first saw them when they supported Testament a month or so ago and decided they were worth seeing again.
The first band on was Muted which I sadly missed. I was told they were very good and quite Megadeth-esque.
The second band was Toytown Cash which quite frankly sucked satans balls. They might have had a chance five years ago when they could have tried to ride the Nu-Metal wave, but they had no place at a proper metal gig.
Kingsize Blues played a good metal set the entire way and my only criticism is that the lead singer really should wear a t-shirt... >_<
If you like metal you should check them out...
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Who's coming to Hed Pe tonight and Turisas/Battlelore tomorrow?
Both are at The Underworld...


Feb. 1st, 2006 12:38 pm
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I think I just accidentally bought a ticket to see Red Sparowes on the 10th of March...
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183 days to go and all is quiet on the westernnorse front...

My life has been fairly quiet for a while now for various reasons. Primarily financial ones.
However, not going out means I can devote more time to important stuff...

I have also been working harder than just about any other time in my working life that I can think of. But it's worth it. For a long time my via luminosa has seemed unfathomably long and hard, but it now seems to be a road that'll be travelled with some ease. The main reasons for this is the payrise which should come into effect from the end of February. I don't know how much yet, but considering the starting salaryof the people in our server division, it's gonna be a significant (For me) amount. I have also just been told how much I'll be getting for being on call. At first it doesn't sound like much, but then I calculated huw much it would be considering the number of hours on is on call. I then recalculated. I then picked my jaw up from the floor and I have been unable to stop grinning since :]
Oh yes, I am definitely in a serious karma burn zone at the moment. I guess saving up all that good karma over the years is finally paying off...
And it looks like I'll be able to happily afford Wacken, M'era Luna and a full viking outfit. I have all the weapons I'll need on order. And ooohhh, I'm waiting excitedly for my Dane Axe...

This month is still gonna be harsh though as I need to survive somehow, while also buying my plane ticket to Lanzarote. I'm tempted to leave it until March, and then just take the extra financial hit out of the extra gold that will be in my monthly pot... But I really don't want to risk not being able to get a flight as I am not swimming there...

Weekend was good with lots of WoW and a nice dinner provided by the lovely [ profile] ditzy_pole. I am waiting for that poll you were gonna do :)
Viking training was fab as well. Lot's of good fighting and no spectacular bruises.
Speaking of which, a bunch of vikings will invade The Most Expensive Boozer in Christendom™ (Worlds End) tonight at 20:00. Ok, maybe not the most expensive, but it still brings a tear to my eye when I go to the counter and prepare for the financial rogering with a hedgehog-onna-stick. About £4 for a beer... Ouch.

After Forever last night rocked immensely. Nightwish should poach Floor Jansen as soon as possible :]
She has a good stage presence and she's easily far prettier than Tarja...
Ahem, but yeah, the gig was good, but they deserve a much bigger stage. Energetic and very metally. I like that a lot. I think I may have to go and invest in some of their CDs...
I missed the first support band but [ profile] elijahtc said the sucked balls anyway.
The second support band was quite good. Good old skool metal with big hair and lot's of \mm/ :]
I'm not gonna rush to buy their CDs, but I'll definitely hope to see them again at some point...

Next up, Dragonforce on Friday...
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Oooohhh, and After Forver | Nightmare | Crimson Tears on the 31st of January @ The Garage...

It looks good so far...
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202 days to go and February looks like it will be good for gigs...

[ profile] super_boobies has booked the following for us:
Dragonforce 03/02 @ Astoria
Helloween 13/02 @ Koko
Clawfinger 24/02 @ The Garage

It's looking good so far.
Does anyone know of any other good gigs I shouldn't miss?

The last time I saw Dragonforce they rocked harder thanyour mom on crack despite being possible the gheyest band I'd ever seen.
That was at The Barfly, I wonder how well they'l do at a bigger venue like The Astoria. Hopefully they'll be better and gheyer than evah...

And rumour has it that Manowar might be headlining at Wacken.
If that happens, I just might get to go on stage with them.
I can not even begin to describe how astonishingly cool that would be...
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Back from Sweden where much fun was had.

Agonoize played an amazingly stompy set which truly required great big boots of doom to stomp to properly.
They completely blew most of the other bands out of the water. Excellent crowd contact and the three guys on stage certainly had their act well put together.

Rotersand was the other excellent band of the night. Less stompy than I remember them from from last year but they were definitely one of the two higlights there.

I really must try to find some CDs with both of these bands.

All the other bands were quite frankly mediocre and Die Krupps seemed to have pulled a 'Metallica' and gone soft :(
Oh well, I still enjoyed seeing them live although I was perhaps a little disappointed due to the lack of stompy German industrial...

An excellent weekend despite the hefty financial rogering [ profile] spikey_bastard and I received on a regular basis.
I think Spikey has been sold on both the idea of foreign travel (Next project will be Berlin) and live music...

And now something I've been looking forwards to all weekend long:
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In Sweden...
It's fun
No snow :(

Myself and [ profile] spikey_bastard was a complete set of mongs and combined forces to do my usual party trick and missed our flight Friday morning.
However, persistance was met with success when someone else did the same with the late flight and we managed to get two stand by seats. Victory. And a right royal financial shafting by Ryan Air and a cabbie which didn't get us to the airport in time. Oh well, that was a wasted £100 >_<

We went to the Pre-Party at Tech Noir which was quite good.
We walked in and [ profile] spikey_bastard saw the quality of the women and almost started crying.
I saw the beer prices and almost started crying :]

But yeah, so far it's all good although all our electronics have run out of juice due to us not having brought any power converters and not yet having been able to find one to buy.

So no more texting/picture snapping from us.
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I'm soooo tired after last night.
Great gig.
Also Victory!


Nov. 1st, 2005 03:28 pm
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So, I went to see KMFDM last Sunday.
I have to admit that I'm still processing the gig in my brane...
The reason for that is that it's without doubt the best gig I have ever been to in my entire life.
No one else comes even close.
Everything about that gig was good.
Except the bar prices :]
I might write something more comprehensive at some point, but for now, all I can say is WOW!
That gig was what I had hoped the NIN gig earlier this was going to be.

Oh, and halloween pictures
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The weekends starts here :)
Tonight, Dragonforce gig at The Barfly in Camden @ 19:30 \mm/
I saw them in Wacken and they rawked.
Tomorrow it's dinner and drinks with the ever wonderful [ profile] camillat...
Saturday is the big one:
The Champion of The Shots Night at Garlic & Shots
Their shots menu has 101 shots on it...
And we're gonna start with numero uno and work our way towards number 101. Rar.
The excitement starts at about 17:30 - 18:00.
I expect a strong showing from [ profile] vrghost and [ profile] elijahtc.
I also expect Garlic & Shots to run out of Parsley reasonably early on :)


Sep. 4th, 2005 02:53 pm
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Are playing at The Scala in Kings Cross on the 30th of October

I have my ticket :)

Also, Slimes last night rocked so amazingly much.
[ profile] nearly_everyone was there and there was much happiness and joy being spread.
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Friday saw the arrival of the three scousers who immediately started drinking.
We met up at the wonderful Garlic & Shots for drinks and food. [ profile] blakeshell showed up and we went to get food. As always, the food was gorgeous. Anyone who hasn't eaten there should, it's quite simply scrumptuous.

Saturday we popped up to Cyberdog in Camden and then back to my place to preen and prepare for Black Celebration.
As [ profile] posthuman_angel and [ profile] spikey_bastard takes longer to get ready than most women, we were rather late arriving at Islington. And since I forgot to check where the Carling Academy is, we got off at Highbury & Islington instead of Angel Station. As we walked down towards Angel we realised that we had no idea where it was or whether we could even see it from the main road. However, salvation was at hand in the shape of [ profile] johnny_eol.
I spotted him from a distance and we saw him disappear into the Carling Academy. Success.
Inside we were greeted by a bouncy [ profile] zenmeisterin who looked stunning as always despite, according to her, not making an effort...
The bands were enjoyable and Funker Vogt rocked. Alot.

Afterwards we quickly went home to get booze and swiftly went to Slimes. Slimes was good and I enjoyed it muchly. I think I may start going to Slimes a bit more often again. Saw lots of people and had lots of conversations which I have mostly forgotten again. Funny how the details from my nights at Slimes are usually hazy the next day.

Sunday was good too. [ profile] spikey_bastard and [ profile] posthuman_angel couldn't be bothered with Black celebration and went to The Dev instead. [ profile] wuggy and I made our way to Islington and some very bouncy music. The bands were mostly good and Rotersand in particular stood out. They rocked immensely and were probably as good as Funker Vogt. It was good to be able to relax and chat with [ profile] wuggy and [ profile] zenmeisterin. I pimped M'era Luna to both and maybe they will join me in spreading victory in Germany.
Went to the Dev afterwards and had a last couple of beers before heading home for some serious sleeping.
Still tired from too much beer, and not enough sleep, but it was well worth it.
A glorious weekend filled with much honour and victory.
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Weekend rocked.
Weekend rocked like some with very big rocks innit...
Non-stop party and fun from Friday evening until now (01:54 Monday morning)... And I gotta get up in 4.5 hours.
Oh well, it has been good and powerful, yet relaxing,
Especially meditating ot Black Celebration. Which rocked very muchly

And who would be intersted in having a big camp at M'era Luna?
Also Zillo



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