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So, I recently wrote about how I've been hitting the gym twice a day Monday - Friday and Saturday/Sunday every other weekend.
This is obviously pretty insane and should not be attempted by anyone with a modicum of common sense.

I've been losing fat the right places *and* adding muscle in good places.
I think [livejournal.com profile] despina said it best when she said that I am much more compact than I was a few months ago.

So, how have I managed to do this for a month and a half without breaking myself? )
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Huzzah, it's definitely working...

After a horrendous break from the gym over the summer period (Summer? What summer? I live in the UK...), I've been going to the gym twice a day.
Cardio in my lunch break and weights followed by a bit of cardio in the evenings.

Fantastic. It takes an awful lot of food, but I love eating so that's not a problem.
I also go most weekends [livejournal.com profile] _nocturnalpulse isn't visiting...

Result? I'm now the slimmest I've been in a long long time while upperbody strength is almost at an all time high...
Still a short way to go, but it all looks achievable now...

x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] gym_goths
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Oh look, it's that favourite time of the day again :-D
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So, I try to do something as simple as buying a new keyboard from Play.com and the incompetents send me a different keyboard to the one I ordered...
Filling in their returns form doesn't instill me with a great deal of confidence in their abilities to handle this satisfactorily, but we shall see.

I am particularly looking forwards to seeing whether they will expect me to pay the cost of sending the keyboard back...
Aaaaannnd breathe deeply.

At least my new wrist straps have arrived safely...
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162 days to go and it's been nearly a month without a proper update...

Well, I haven't really done much of note in that time.
My life seems to consist purely of work, WoW and general geekery. I've been really bad and skipped the gym a lot this month in favour of WoW, but I'm now back on track and aching for it. Another reason for having the break for the gym has been my left shoulder which doesn't ache, but there is a slight dullness to the way it feels...

I'm also studying again which is rather good. As I haven't got any plans for this weekend other than recovering from Clawfinger on Friday. Oh yes, yet another band from when I was a kid that I'm getting to see. I almost feel spoiled :)

Work is going well. A rather steep learning curve, but it's been good. It's nice to have a job that I enjoy so much that I log on from home to do stuff...
I should also be getting a copy of SuSE Linux 9 soon so I can see if it can realistically be used as a desktop for the technical staff. Obviously Linux can be used for your average end-user, but will I be able to do all the many things I have to be able to do?
It would be a bit pointless if I just end up running XP in a VMWare session all the time...

On with the geekyness...
I bought a server yesterday.
2U, dual-processor and goff as all hell :)
Well, it's black anyway :)
Tonight I intend to do battle with Google and see if I can find manuals for the beast.
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Does anyone know if there are any open/unprotected wireless networks in the Soho area that one might be able to jump on?
I'm particularly interested in Frith Street...
That G&S is located there is of course purely a co-incidence :->
[livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard, [livejournal.com profile] camillat, [livejournal.com profile] posthuman_angel and my good self will be going to Wagamama for some decent food tomorrow and possibly G&S on Saturday... Money being a bit of a concern at the moment, G&S might have to be re-scheduled. I suspect [livejournal.com profile] camillat might feel the same way...?
I think I shall bring my laptop to both of those fine establishments to see what connectivity I have there...

Ooohhh, how cool would it be to play WoW while relaxing in G&S ?

Work is ridiculously busy and I'm loving it. Since I don't have to deal with slackjawed-yokels end-users, I quite happily work away during lunch, don't notice I should have gone home 30 - 40 minutes ago and I happily log on from home and work if necessary... I have discovered an entirely new enjoyment of work. Let's see how long it lasts :)
Fortunately Semagic works through our firewall, so updating ElJay is easy :)

I may have been persuaded to go to Synthetic Culture tomorrow...
Hmm, I think it shall have to be a drinkless night as I'm waging war on my beergut while trying to stay friendly with my bank...

Todays chest work-out was good, but I really could do with a gym buddy as my benchpress is sorely in need of some progress. I'm a bit reluctant to stack the bar with as much as I can lift due to the worry that I might drop it and kill/maim myself... So today I only did 50kg benchpress but I quite happily had 35kg dumbbells in each hand when I did dumbbell presses afterwards...
Annoying, but never mind. I nearly did 37.5kg but not quite. Soon... Soon...
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197 days to go...

Oh dear, how badly do I want this...

Also, I saw a news headline this morning that went:
'Blair Kidnap foiled' or something like that, and the first thought I had was:
'And what would they do with him? Get money in exchange for not releasing him?'

This week I've been on late shift, so I've been going to the gym in the morning.
Mmmm, legs today which was great... Tomorrow I will have to see if I can get time to do calves...
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Goodbye chickenlegs, hello to mr I-squat-100kg :)

Rawr that felt good. Stonkingly good leg work out today.
My thighs and calves are absolutely on fire. Mmmm great...

And doing 80kg Roman Deadlift is just... yay

Sadly I've had to wuss-out and get a pair of wrist straps...
My grip just can't handle 80kg for long enough to do that exercise properly.

My 2005 review is really short: It Rocked
My NYE review is equally short: It Rocked

There were many people who helped make 2005 one of my best years ever and you know who you are so I'm not gonna bother listing names :)

And I think I will make a few New Year resolutions: )

Thanks for your kind suggestions, they were considered carefully.

[livejournal.com profile] gelflyng - Interesting suggestion, but as I have no sense of style and no delusions about it, I don't think it would be a great idea...
[livejournal.com profile] gothicbarbiecat - If only I had some kitties to hug...
[livejournal.com profile] londonjon - I would quite like to try that some day... Fancy joining me?
[livejournal.com profile] agent_snow - If they did float, I'd be buying some shares...
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Good lord I'm tired.
Hmm, I seem to be saying this a lot recently. I wonder if this has anything to do with my re-activation of my WoW account.
Well, between WoW and four more seasons of DS9 to finish, I don't see the sleep situation getting any better.
Oh well, I can survive fine on Subway, Pro-Plus and fumes...
And my Dwarf Paladin is nearly at level 20. Hoo ray. Once he has reached that, I think I'll get my mage and druid up to that level and then try a hunter just to see what that might be like.I don't suppose anyone else here is Alliance on the Sunstrider server?

Work is busy. We seem to be stumbling from one catastrophe to another. Today one of our mail servers ran out of disk space. You would have thought someone might have noticed that, but apparently space checking is not a part of the usual morning checks.
So yeah, fun, games and a lot of moving users around.

X-Mas do with work tonight. Free beer and free food. I couldn't say no, could I? :]

I tried out the Soho Gyms near Holborn and I have decided that I will join it.
I must say though, I don't think I have seen that many gay men in one room since I was last taken to a gay bar.

And this coming weekend there's a viking show in Rickmansworth which is part of a wider charity event. I will probably go to that although the decision isn't final yet.
I will hopefully get me an axe there. I also need too put in an order for a Dane-axe and a Scram.
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So far I'm enjoying my new position in messaging.
It's not overly busy, but there is stuff to do most of the time. Not that we get stressed as the guy who plays Counterstrike: Source (I think(?)) will agree on.
Personally I'm much too busy to play games or check ElJay... There's is a fair bit of stuff to learn here, but that's ok, I'm happy with that.

I also get toys. It's not much, but I have just been given a Blackberry to play with and there are other toys on the horizon.
I don't want to sully my soul by using Macs, but those 21" I think) wide screen monitors are impressive. Hmmm. It's very progressive of this bank to offer their workers the choice between Macs, Wintel machines or Linux boxes depending on what they prefer... That's not something you see often. Hmm, I'm tempted... Actually I'm more tempted to see if I'd be able to whack Linux on one of those bad boys...

I have also finally cancelled my membership to my local temple of pain gym and I'm going to the Soho Gyms near Holborn after work to see what it's like. It looks promising though...
Anyine else here who might be meber of a Soho Gyms?

And I'm guessing that you've all heard of the dyslexic black metaller who sold his soul to Santa :]
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My legs would appear to have turned into pieces of boiled spaghetti. Ow.
I didn't go to the gym while I was in Lanzarote and in the days leading up to that vacation I had too many things to do so I couldn't get to the gym so it's been nearly two weeks since i last visited those hallowed halls properly (Apart from yesterdays bitchingly good chest work-out).
And today I decided to do legs for the first time in about two weeks.
5 sets of squats (two wide stance, 3 narrow) for 15, 12, 8, 8, 6 reps. Ooohhh that felt good
3 sets each of leg curls and extensions 15, 15, 11 reps. Mmmm, at this point I had to take a breather as I was ready to hurl (That's a good sign by the way).
A quick go on the adductor machine for 3x15 reps and then on to the romanian deadlifts.
2 sets of 15 and one set of 7 with 55kg and I was ready for the leg press.
At this point I realised that I should chill out and instead of leg presses did calf raises on the legpress machine. My legs were just shaking too darned much.

At the end I could just about make it to the sauna without collapsing although navigating the stairs wasn't as easy as normal. Mmmm, this is gonna hurt like a bitch over the next few days.
I'm now tempted to go back a bit later and have a proper back and shoulder workout.
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Back in London.
That was an excellent holiday and [livejournal.com profile] gothicbarbiecat was a wonderful host.
She's also still alive despite my several attempts at crashing us into other cars or driving us off cliffs and into rocks and so on.
But seriously, I revved a bit too much once and I think she was a bit...unsettled by that.
Well, there was also the one time where she felt the need to pull on the steeringwheel. Well, I suppose it's never easy to be a passenger in your own car.
But it was a lovely holiday, and I hope to post pictures and a couple of movie clips soon...

Landed last night at 00:15. Ouch. The flight was a bit of a fun rollercoaster ride. Oh well, I think turbulence is fun :]
Sadly the guy next to me was trying to drink wine which meant that he smelled of white wine for the rest of the flight. Oh well, entertaining for me...
Finally got home at 02:00 and then I had to unpack and all the usual stuff after a holiday. Good thing I had today off.

So today I did my laundry (Mmmm, I like cats and I really love cat hairs), went to the gym, had second date with cute girl, RPG'ed and finally had dinner while watching Andromeda.
Today has been good :)
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Ahh that was quite a super weekend.
Friday I went to Garlic & Shots with [livejournal.com profile] camillat and also managed to find a [livejournal.com profile] penguin_worship and [livejournal.com profile] flannelcat frolicking about. Good food, drink and company led on to The Cro Bar where I got to chatting with some random people while waiting for the G&S staff to show up. After nearly an hour one the randoms and I discovered that we both work for HSBC. It's a small world...
When the Cro Bar closed we still had a thirst for the demon drink and decided to go to Pepes.
Those who know Pepes also know that it really is a place for the desperate who still want drinks at 5am.
It's a small dive that's run completely illegally out of someones basement :)
Still, it was entertaining...

Saturday I went to The Edge f The World. This is also known as Hove :]
Spent an excellent and chilled day/evening/night with [livejournal.com profile] sliding_loopz who is an excellent hostess.
I was most surprised to find that I really liked the place. It had a good feel to it and I definitely hope to go back there for a visit again.
Sunday I was a bit of a mong and managed to miss my train back to London so I missed viking practice. Bugger. Went to the gym instead, so I didn't feel completely useless.

Speaking of gymming, I have decided that it's time for another overhaul of my training regime.
For the past month I have mostly been doing classes and I have seen my cardio fitness go up noticeably, but I have lost some strength.
So now I'm going back to proper weight training with a view towards doing 100kg bench, 30kg hammer curl, 125kg leg extensions and 100kg leg curls by the end of next month. This will be hard, but I can do it. And I will do it.
I will try to keep my weight sessions to under 1.5 hours (1 hour weights, 30 minutes abs + lowerback) followed by 20 - 30 minutes intensive cardio.
That should do the trick...
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I have decided that it's time for me to look around for a new gym as Holmes Place in Wood Green is just too much of a shambles these days.
Too many things are broken and either don't get fixed or they take weeks or months to get fixed.

So far Fitness First looks promising due to locations (Green Park, Tower Hill and Finsbury Park) and the pricing is reasonable as well.

Does anyone out there have any experiences, good or bad, with this company?

X-Posted to [livejournal.com profile] gym_goths
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Street Dance was sadly cancelled last night as our normal instructor seems to have had an accident involving her hip. Hopefully she'll be fine again soon as she's a really good instructor and no-one works our abs as hard as she does. That and she's *very* easy on the eye :)

Instead we got an instructor who didn't know dance but took us through an aerobics routine.
You could tell that our normal class is considerably harder from the fact that most of us barely broke into a sweat while our instructor seemed to be dying trying to get us to work harder. Oh well, I'm pleased that I'm obviously in better shape than I used to be.
And my wings are clearly growing. I have had to put a lot of effort into my wings and shoulders recently as I felt that they were letting me down, but they are coming along nicely now.
I can do a few wide grip pull-ups (IMO the hardest pull-ups) which is a very good sign as I used to be unable to do even one.

It's all going according to plan...
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Fitness First launches The Lightsaber Workout.
Sculpt your body like a jedi or Natalie Portman :)
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One of the cool things about being a consultant roaming from client site to client site like the wild beasts that roam the plains is that I get to see lots of different kit and software.

Today I have been properly old Skool and configured an old Jetdirect box.
Old geeks out there will remember them as the little grey boxes that would plug into the network and you then had to telnet to them. Ahh the nostalgia :)

Workout last night was bitchingly good.
I had a proper uppe back workout and then hit most other areas fairly well.
I didn't have much time due to the class I took, so I thought I'd have a generic workout rather than focusing on two or three body parts like I normally would. Ut really is quite nice to be able to do 18kg 1 arm tricep lifts when I could barely do 12kg in the beginning of the year...
Two classes tonight, then Legs and lower back. Mmmm, is good, ja...

Some people think that having Chicken Madras for breakfast is bad and wrong. I pity the fools who would say such a thing.
Curry is a wonderful thing to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)
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Three weeks away from the gym was just what the doctor ordered.
Initially when I got back I noticed that I had definitely lost some muscle mass and was forced to drop the weight I was doing, but the body remembers.
And it remembers well.
I'm now breaking my previous limits on most exercises.

I'm also currently debating whether I should make food (I should really) or play World of Warcrack (I want to)

Annoyingly The Real World has closed :(
Does anyone know of any good websites for E-mule links to Sci-Fi shows?
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Reasonably good weekend.
Friday was great fun at Garlic & Shots discussing 'social reform' with [livejournal.com profile] nibber (Finally someone who agrees with me on many points), parsley and the cult of with [livejournal.com profile] elijahtc and general chatter with [livejournal.com profile] vrghost.
Followed by Synthetic Culture where I managed to spend most of my time on the dancefloor which I felt was quite impressive considering I had been up since 07:00 that morning. Finally left aroound 03:00 so I could get a bit of sleep before gymming the next morning.
Ended up waiting an hour for the N91. Bastards. If I had known that I would have started walking home and probably gotten home a lot earlier.

Gym was great and I had an amazingly good leg work-out. My legs have a always been strong (They had to be, they were carrying me around) but now they are becoming properly strong and are almost completely non-wobbly. Yayness.
Annoyingly I forgot my workout schedule in the gym, and the staff hasn't found it so I guess that can be considered lost. Good thing I have a back-up. A bit annoying though as it's been a while since I've updated it' so I have to try to remember the weights I'm doing.
It's that time again where my work-out regime gets changed. For the past month and a bit I've been going for 4 sets of 6 reps but from now until the end of August I'll be doing 4 sets of 15 reps with the weight I'm currently on. Obviously that means I'll be getting to 15 reps slowly, but I'll get there :)
I'm also going to do more bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, dips with out added/removed weight, push-ups and so on.
And for the past week my weight has been reasonably steady around 92.5kg each time I've checked, so I guess that's another 2.5 kg off my mind :)

Afterwards it was picnic time in Regents park which was quite lovely. My friends had made sandwiches and I brought wine. And the weather was of course gorgeous. The Marlborough Head was surprisingly empty which may have been due to the weather. Amusingly Iselle (winolj) kept insisting that I shouldn't bring up the fact that I wasn't drinking although she kept saying that she wanted to know what I had done with the real Lars who smoked like a trooper, drank like a fish, patied for days with no sleep and wouldn't be seen dead in a gym. The frequency of these comments increased proportionally with her alcohol intake :)
a rather good night with [livejournal.com profile] blakeshell joining us briefly and later Marcus (winolj again) joining us. It was a good relaxed evening.

I suppose I have been abusing my body recently. Not enough sleep and rather long gym sessions. Saturday's was about 4 hours. At least that would explain why I slept over 12 hours and didn't get up before 14:00 Sunday afternoon. I was, of course, stupid enough to then go to the gym and I fully deserved to have a crap work-out.
I recently did a test in one of the fitness magazines I buy which said that I am not in danger of being a gym junkie, but I'm kinda wondering whether that is the case. This morning I had a slightly worrying response to an emotional pang where my first response was to get a chocolate croissant and my second and much stronger urge was to think of tonights gym session. Hmmm. Makes me wonder...
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Since it looks like the weather will be lovely on Saturday, I'm currently coming up with a plan for the day.
10:00 Tae Kwon Docise
11:00 Body Pump
12:00 Pound some weights
15:00 Go to Regents Park for a run/picnic

Anyone fancy joining me for a relaxing run in Regents Park?


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