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I'm re-discovering Cow Maze but I can't get past level 19...

Arrrggghhhh. Frustrating.

And on my next attempt I did it. Yay.
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I'll be happy to admit that although I have occassionally dabbled a little in programming over the years, it isn't something I'm particularly good at and you will find no mention of it on my CV.
But still I wonder...
How goddamned difficult is it to write a look-up function in your pitiful excuse for an e-mail client that enables users to find people in your address book?
Yes, I'm bitching about Lotus Notes again.

If I go into the address book and scroll down to my name I can see that there are only two of us with that surname.
If I type it into the address bar of a new e-mail (Which by the way is called a Memo in Notes AAARRRGGGHHHHH) it brings up 68 possible entries.
Many of which bear little or no resemblance to the name I typed in. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH.
And to top it off, those 68 entries are displayed in a little box which only shows four goddamned lines at a time.
Even Hotmail had a better user interface back in '96. Grrrr.

The funny thing is, if only this place used a real e-mail client (Outlook 2003 for example) things would run so much more smoothly...

So, what kicked this off?
The amount of e-mails I got which are sent to... The 'All in Private Banking London' e-mail group.
I despair, I really do...
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If I ever consider buying something from either Amazon or Dabs again, please slap me with a kipper and call me a muppet.
Both of those fuckwit companies have managed to send the stuff I've ordered to my home address instead of to my office.
After the problems I've had with them previously I said to myself: 'Never again' but of course I forgot and decided to give them another chance.
Muppet that I am.
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High on the list of reasons why I like Lotus Notes is the way that it only allows one connection to your e-mail at a time.
Because no-one in their right mind would everwant to log on to a second pc to check their e-mail.

But on the other hand, despite my comments the other day about Notes developers being evil, it's now clear to me that what they did was sweep the streets for all the mentally unstable people while emptying the asylums of the criminally insane and then sat them down with a keyboard.
Instead of rocking back and forth while biting their knuckles, they could now give something back to society.
Mostly pain...

But of course, it's a feature...
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[Poll #571062]
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I have come to the conclusion that the devil is not a man of taste and decency but in fact a coder.
And he codes Lotus Notes for fun.

Let's say theoretically that you would like to change the way Lotus Notes looks.
Let's say you like round buttons instead of rectangular boxes.
Will Notes let you have that? Yes.
Will Notes let you have that while also keeping your extensive folder structure? No!
How goddamn rubbish is that?
I hope all Lotus Notes developers die lonely deaths in cold dark places.
I want them to be killed by mongs.
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Today is my 4th anniversary of arriving in this godforsaken hell-hole of a hamlet :(

Oh well, at least the end is in sight.
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I can't believe it.

This scummy godforsaken pit of a hell hole actually won the bid to become the European Capital of Culture.

What could they possibly teach the rest of Europe?

  • How to avoid work while still getting the most of your benefits?

  • How to practice inbreeding better?

  • How to steal cars faster?

  • Advanced Shoplifting 101?

  • Show what the latest fashion in shellsuits are?

I kid you not, they still wear shellsuits up here, and virtually every negative stereotype about Liverpool is indeed largely correct. How they managed to win this I will never understand.
Unless it was blackmail, which I could easily believe considering the scumminess of this place.


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