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I just called a client in Liverpool and spoke to her colleague who said that she was off ill with the bug that seems to be hitting all of Liverpool.
I was so tempted to say ‘The workshyness bug?’ :-D

Oh, and this video is beyond hilarious:

Bored, but at least there's good music on...
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Meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] velvetfur & [livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard in The Dev briefly last night was fun.
Dinner at the Thai place in Camden was nice too.
Spending the rest of the evening with [livejournal.com profile] velvetfur catching up and getting the occassional text message from [livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard informing us of the progress of his campaign, his glorious victory and eventual anti-victory.

Have showered, shaved and dresed. Now ready to go and see the Frida Kahlo exhibition.
This should hopefully be followed by garliccy goodness at my favourite garlic emporium :)
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Today is my 4th anniversary of arriving in this godforsaken hell-hole of a hamlet :(

Oh well, at least the end is in sight.
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Damn I feel great. I feel absolutely fan-bloody-tastic.

  • Beergut is getting noticably smaller (No beer + Situps++)

  • I'm getting muscles again (Weights++)

  • The weather is fantastic (Lack of air-con--)

  • I'm actually studying for my certifications rather than just talking about studying :)

  • I have the best constitution on the planet (I could probably get SARS, AIDS, cancer and The Plague all at once and my body would fight it off)

  • My Starcraft skills are excellent (I have just had three games against the maximum number of computer opponents and they were soundly thrashed)

  • I am so confident in my quest to quit smoking that I've thrown out all my ash trays (Nicotine patches++)

  • My financial situation is the best it's ever been

  • I have tickets for M'era Luna, Infest and Whitby

  • I have even managed to find a pair of glasses that fit me (I have a funny shaped skull, so glasses have never really been a good option before)

Probably the only downside at the moment is that I'm stuck in Ye Olde Scummy Hellhole rather than being in London, but once I have a few more certifications, that should hopefully be rectifiable. And I don't care if I just made that word up :)

All in all I feel so good that I suspect I'm disqualified from being a goth ;)

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I can't believe it.

This scummy godforsaken pit of a hell hole actually won the bid to become the European Capital of Culture.

What could they possibly teach the rest of Europe?

  • How to avoid work while still getting the most of your benefits?

  • How to practice inbreeding better?

  • How to steal cars faster?

  • Advanced Shoplifting 101?

  • Show what the latest fashion in shellsuits are?

I kid you not, they still wear shellsuits up here, and virtually every negative stereotype about Liverpool is indeed largely correct. How they managed to win this I will never understand.
Unless it was blackmail, which I could easily believe considering the scumminess of this place.


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