Dec. 21st, 2005 06:42 pm
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So far confirmed for Wacken:

¦ Die Apokalyptischen Reiter ¦ Celtic Frost ¦ Children of Bodom ¦ Emperor ¦ Finntroll ¦ In Extremo ¦ Nevermore ¦ Soilwork ¦ Subway to Sally ¦

So far confirmed for M'era Luna:

¦ Nitzer Ebb ¦ In Extremo ¦ Asp ¦ The Birthday Massacre ¦ Funker Vogt ¦

Hmmm, Wacken is looking really good so far, but I'm gonna wait and see about M'era Luna...
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And like the Wacken pictures it's all of them.
I'll get rid of the crap ones later at some point...
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There are a few pictures from M'era Luna here.
They're not mine, but some of us from [ profile] camp_victory are in them.
Oh how wet we look :)
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Damn I feel great. I feel absolutely fan-bloody-tastic.

  • Beergut is getting noticably smaller (No beer + Situps++)

  • I'm getting muscles again (Weights++)

  • The weather is fantastic (Lack of air-con--)

  • I'm actually studying for my certifications rather than just talking about studying :)

  • I have the best constitution on the planet (I could probably get SARS, AIDS, cancer and The Plague all at once and my body would fight it off)

  • My Starcraft skills are excellent (I have just had three games against the maximum number of computer opponents and they were soundly thrashed)

  • I am so confident in my quest to quit smoking that I've thrown out all my ash trays (Nicotine patches++)

  • My financial situation is the best it's ever been

  • I have tickets for M'era Luna, Infest and Whitby

  • I have even managed to find a pair of glasses that fit me (I have a funny shaped skull, so glasses have never really been a good option before)

Probably the only downside at the moment is that I'm stuck in Ye Olde Scummy Hellhole rather than being in London, but once I have a few more certifications, that should hopefully be rectifiable. And I don't care if I just made that word up :)

All in all I feel so good that I suspect I'm disqualified from being a goth ;)

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If memory serves me right....
Met [ profile] nailbug friday evening in the Swan and went back to my place. The rest of the weekend was spent more or less in bed watching DVDs and occassionally getting up for food. Went to Lidl where I found proper rye bread (Yay) and then went back and watched some more DVDs. Then went to work Monday. Nice and relaxing.

I'm fairly sure I did something else and I'm quite sure that I could write more, but I'm tired...

Mera Luna

Who's going?
And will you be camping?

And would those who are both going and camping be interested in pitching tent together?

I'm already in the process of arranging a camp with some other people I know, but the more the merrier...


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