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Sigh, I really am becoming a grumpy old man :-D
Or maybe I should sleep more... Hmmmm...
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Rail overcrowding to get worse until the network is expanded
Rail passengers in England and Wales face more overcrowding and
higher fares until the network is expanded, a spending watchdog has warned.

Ahhh, it looks like someone has been taking courses at The Instutute of The Blindingly Obvious™
You elect tory governments for 12 years or so who do what they can to sell of a nations assets and any one is surprised by this?
You then elect a conservative government for another 10 years which continue to do the same and what do we get?

Surprise surprise, a public transport network that is run by companies that only have one thing in mind: their shareholders (And rightly so, this is capitalism after all)...
So the next time you're on a packed train, think back on who you have voted for... And if you could vote but didn't then you have no right to complain in the first place...

I'm not saying a nationalised transport system would necessarily be better, but at least we'd be able to point the finger firmly at the boss at the top and tell them to improve.
And each time fares rise, tell our local MPs that it's their head on the block...

Lap dancing clubs 'no trouble'
Local residents often wanted officers to take action on "moral" grounds.

Moral grounds? I shudder to think where that could eventually lead.
Moral police making sure that every one behaves?
Oh well, that most likely isn't going to go anywhere :-D

Expedition set for 'ghost peaks'
Nooooooo, wathc out, that's the Mountains Of Madness...
You'll doom us all...

Well, it's been far too long since I read pulp fiction with tentacles. I really should reread some of my Lovecraft books soonish...

Or some of the shortstories/novellas set in the fabulous Lovecraft universe...

Oh dear...

May. 12th, 2008 11:20 am
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If this is what playing WoW leads to, then it's time I found a new hobby :-D
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From the BBC...

Hmmm, if nothing else, that's certainly taking a hard line which isn't really open to mis-interpretation ^_^
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If you have time to play golf, you're not working enough
It might be a bit harsh, but I like his attitude...

Two austrailians return home to find the police investigating their murder/disappearence...
I knew aussies were laid back but this is almost silly. Still, pretty cool thing for an elderly couple to do ^_^

The catholic church has unveiled a new list of sins, but I think they forgot one.

Climate Change rebutted
By people funded by the oil industry. No conflict of interest there then... :-D

Other than that, new job still going well :)
I still haven't reached 70 in WoW :( Working hard on it though...
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I showed one of my colleagues the headline:
Prison damned as 'vermin-ridden'

And he immediately retorted:
'But the rats, pigeons and cockroaches have said they don't mind them too much... '
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Asylum seeker gave a bunch of women AIDS
Apologies for linking to The Daily Mail...

I seem to recall that earlier this year or maybe late last year there was a lot of robust and frank exchanges of opinion (Especially on [livejournal.com profile] kirsten2's LJ I think?) about a woman who had given one or more men AIDS on purpose.
I can't help but wonder if the same people who defended that womans right to do so would also defend this chaps right to spread this disease...

Oh well...
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197 days to go...

Oh dear, how badly do I want this...

Also, I saw a news headline this morning that went:
'Blair Kidnap foiled' or something like that, and the first thought I had was:
'And what would they do with him? Get money in exchange for not releasing him?'

This week I've been on late shift, so I've been going to the gym in the morning.
Mmmm, legs today which was great... Tomorrow I will have to see if I can get time to do calves...
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And amongst all the terrible things happening in the world at the moment, something happens which makes me laugh loudly :]
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Christmas is cancelled courtesy of the Danish airforce.
Hooray :)

And apparently being a godless atheist and the scourge of 'religous morality' is good for society...
Hooray for godless morality.
Hooray for Unholy Rollers (lyrics)...
I also like that Scandinavia was mentioned as a godless part of the world.
Hooray for Scandinavia :)
I will celebrate Scandinavia tonight and tomorrow in a Swedish bar/restaurant.
Hooray for Swedish bars and restaurants.

Hmm, you can tell that it's Friday and I've been paid :)
Hooray for being paid


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