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Off to the Dentist now...
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I feel like I'm constantly stuffing my face with food at the moment.
The flow of nourishment and nutrients just don't stop.

I'm actually getting to a point where I just don't want to keep eating.
Breakfast, late breakfast, pre-lunch snack, lunch, early afternoon top up, late afternoon snack, dinner, evening repast and bedtime snack.
That's a lot of eating in one day...

On the bright side, it's working and I'm loosing weightfat...

Anyway, I'm also in agony as one of my teeth has cracked open. Ow.
It didn't hurt until I accidentally bit down on some food and the gum got aggravated. I also think some nerve endings must have gotten hurt by it 'cos it really friggin hurts like a right bitch now.
Fortunately I'm going to see these nice people tomorrow in my lunch break.
They also fulfill my main criteria.
Namely that I want to be put under general anaesthetic when they do whatever they're going to do...

I hate going to the dentist and I can't handle dental pain, so that was absolutely non-negotiable. I don't care how much it costs and whether or not my health insurance covers it, it has to be done...
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High on the list of reasons why I like Lotus Notes is the way that it only allows one connection to your e-mail at a time.
Because no-one in their right mind would everwant to log on to a second pc to check their e-mail.

But on the other hand, despite my comments the other day about Notes developers being evil, it's now clear to me that what they did was sweep the streets for all the mentally unstable people while emptying the asylums of the criminally insane and then sat them down with a keyboard.
Instead of rocking back and forth while biting their knuckles, they could now give something back to society.
Mostly pain...

But of course, it's a feature...
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So, today is my last day with HSBC Insurance Brokers.
It has been mildly interesting although working with NT4 and Novell has been frustrating.
It'll be interesting to see what the next client will bring...

I have also decided that the best way to get rid of my overdraft was to re-finance the loan I'm currently paying off.
This gave me an idea. Since there are a couple of things I'm saving up for, I asked the nice people at the bank if they would mind giving me a bit more so I could buy these things which would enhance the quality of my life.
They agreed.
So behold, the next stage of Operation: Hairless Monkey is a go.
These nice people will be lasering my back and shoulders tomorrow morning. Although yesterdays attempted suicide bombings were horrible and despicable it meant that there were a lot of cancellations at the Oxford Circus clinic so I could go for an initial consultation :)
Test lasering went fine and as I have been told before, my pain threshold for my back is apparently high so I shouldn't need anesthetic cream.

Since I needed a few other things, I also decided it was time to get a new camera and some ties :)
Unfortunately I'm now discovering how difficult it is to get hold of Amazon, because the memory card I ordered is set to arrive between 30/07 and 08/08 which would be a bit late for me.
Incompetent fools.
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I have for the past couple of months been going to a discrete little clinic in my gym to get electrolysis treatment for some hair I've decided to get rid of and today I had a look at the 'patient notes'.
Apparently I have a high pain threshold and the strength of the electrical current is usually turned up to the max. No bloody wonder it hurts like a bitch each time. Ow.
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14 goddamn years with no pain killers or medicine, and now a bloody wisdom tooth had to go and ruin it for me. I'll happily be the first person to admit that I am a disgustingly healthy person, and when ever I've had something, I've gone to bed and sweated it out.
But, I have met my match. My wisdom teeth. After three days of intense pain and almost no sleep, I decided to give in and got a 12 pack of Nurofen. The last time my wisdom teeth were acting up, I slammed a liberal amount of vodka down, but as I'm at work, I suspect that I'd better not do it this time...

In other news:
Operation Hairless Monkey: Phase 1 is complete.
I am now bald, and I must say that it looks a darn sight better than when I had long hair. IMNSHO that is...
First I gave it a number 1, then a number 0 and last Friday I gave it a wet shave.
I'll put a picture up when I get net access at home...
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That hurt getting that done, but it was worth it.
Lot's of blood though...


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