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Ok, this is just pissed me off: http://ping.fm/q7t5x
So, if I make up a religion and claim to be a minister I should be able to avoid council tax. And if it's rejected it would probably count as some form of persecution of my religion... Time for a lawsuit.
Now if they got lumped in under this section: http://ping.fm/ouvcK then I would totally understand...
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Can I just say that I am really pissed off with a society where bigotry is the norm...

I was held back by a bunch of fucking hippies.

No Seriously, I challenge anyone who knows me to think of a time where they have seen me this fucking angry...


Sep. 7th, 2006 04:12 pm
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So, I won the phone I wanted.
PayPal took payment (Ouch)
And now, a few days later, I get an e-mail from the seller saying that there's a problem with PayPal so they've had to refund me and can't send the phone/PDA to me >_<

They did offer that I could transfer the money to their UK bank account, but I think I'll decline that offer ^_^
Hmmm, so much for power sellers being pillars of the community...
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I *hate* ftp scripting.
That is all...
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If I ever consider buying something from either Amazon or Dabs again, please slap me with a kipper and call me a muppet.
Both of those fuckwit companies have managed to send the stuff I've ordered to my home address instead of to my office.
After the problems I've had with them previously I said to myself: 'Never again' but of course I forgot and decided to give them another chance.
Muppet that I am.
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High on the list of reasons why I like Lotus Notes is the way that it only allows one connection to your e-mail at a time.
Because no-one in their right mind would everwant to log on to a second pc to check their e-mail.

But on the other hand, despite my comments the other day about Notes developers being evil, it's now clear to me that what they did was sweep the streets for all the mentally unstable people while emptying the asylums of the criminally insane and then sat them down with a keyboard.
Instead of rocking back and forth while biting their knuckles, they could now give something back to society.
Mostly pain...

But of course, it's a feature...
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I have come to the conclusion that the devil is not a man of taste and decency but in fact a coder.
And he codes Lotus Notes for fun.

Let's say theoretically that you would like to change the way Lotus Notes looks.
Let's say you like round buttons instead of rectangular boxes.
Will Notes let you have that? Yes.
Will Notes let you have that while also keeping your extensive folder structure? No!
How goddamn rubbish is that?
I hope all Lotus Notes developers die lonely deaths in cold dark places.
I want them to be killed by mongs.


Aug. 18th, 2005 06:40 pm
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Well, I'm back and those bitches at BT had the temerity to disconnect my phoneline while I was away.

And when I called them about it, they didn't have a clue as to why it had been done and they were very sorry.
Now that's all well and good, but I now haven't got an internet connection at home Arrgghhh.

So yeah, I haven't been checking e-mails since Thursday last week, and won't be able to check my private e-mail until in another 7 - 10 days when my connection should be working again.
Bloody annoying.

And my dad is visiting, so I probably won't be out and about partying this weekend.

I will try to do a Wacken/Berlin/M'era Luna write up at some point, but suffice to say that I have just had one of my best holidays ever. So many great bands, so many great people I just felt good all the time with no negativity or downward emotions
Does a little happy bear dance
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There are children everywhere...
For some reason the bank decided that it would be a great idea to let everyone take their kids in today and now theyre roaming the isles in packs. It's actually quite amusing :)

In other news, today I realised that Maggie T was right. Let's get rid of the unions. And who can we thank for that?
The London Underground. Just because they can't be bothered working today, they decide to close the part of the Piccadilly line I use.
Grrr. Sack 'em all and replace them with non-unionised staff.
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And today has definitely not been a good start to the weekend.
Work sucked major donkey wang, and when I went to meet a 'friend' later it turned out that I had been given the name of a pub which did not exist on that street. Well, for future reference I now know that there is no pub called Wetherspoons on Wardour Street). To say say that I was pissed of doesn't even begin to cover it.
On the flip-side, I realised, yet again, that it's amazingly easy to start following old patterns even when the other participants are different.
Well, at least I now have some new DVDs which I bought instead of spending money in a pikey pub.
Grrr, the weekend had better get a whole lot better really fast...
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I forgot to mention that Sunday I went to Argos to pick up an iron. And Argos was closed when I got there. Grrr.

So I walk home again. And on the way home the metal bit on the back fell off.
Grr. Snarl.

Some of you may recall that this has happened twice on another pair of New Rocks and that I had vowed never to buy another pair. Well, I really meant it, but I needed a pair of big stompy boots, and this pair was sooo lovely that I had to get them. And they're not even a month old, and already they're breaking...

Do I walk funny or something?


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