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This is a forward dated poll so those of you who feel I need your contact details can give them to me :)

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I'm curious here, [livejournal.com profile] digitalangel was apparently a bit surprised to discover that I have about 40 or so identical towels, but I think it's entirely normal...

What you you think?
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I asked which bands you think are ghey, and you answered...

Now it's time for the showdown...
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I have also been thinking about new years resolutions...
I try to stick to something I can realistically manage.
Last year I went for Seeing more gigs and getting all my old piercings back.
This year I'm thinking of:
1) Completing Operation: Hairless Monkey
2) Get one or two more piercings
3) Finishing my MCSE
4) Get a decent pay rise or get a better paid job
5) Get a full viking outfit for events

Any other good ideas/suggestions to new years resolutions for me?
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[livejournal.com profile] maxinemogadon and I happened to be chatting about some tremendously ghey bands and it got me wondering:
Which band is the gheyest band evah?

Well, now you can tell me...

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Dec. 16th, 2005 01:23 pm
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So what to do tonight.
Popstarz or Synthetic Culture (Or both)?
Gym, Warcrack or sleep?
DS9 perhaps...
I don't really feel like going at at the moment, but that could change.
And since I'll probably not be out much until mid January maybe I should make the effort...

What do you think:
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Nevermind, just checked my cashflow situation which was rather unpleasant so I'm not going out.
If I can get home quickly enough I might pop down to the gym for a quickish leg workout...


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