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Thought for the day:
"Explanations of events in the natural and social worlds do not get elevated from the status of hypothesis to that of theory unless they have led to practical results and have therefore been proved objectively truthful. Humans did not get to the moon on the basis of "just a theory" but Newton's theory of gravitation; and Darwin set us on the search for genes with all the practical medical and agricultural implications for humanity that that entails. Intelligent design won't be curing or feeding anybody soon."
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I saw this on the Guardian website
this work shows that until recently there was no warfare between science and religion

Well, well, well, Someone should tell the author about the scientists that have been burned at the stake over the past couple of millennia or so...
Galileo in particular springs to mind as someone who might take issue with that statement.
Although you could argue that the argument is true given that it would have been a war on science...
of course, back then it was labelled as 'heresy'...

But hey, there's more:
There is widespread confusion about the nature of religious truth

Well, yeah, since religion has exactly no interest in truth, so I can see how some people might get confusedat first...

And it gets better:
For the first time in history, a significantly large number of people want nothing to do with God

I wonder if this could be because people can finally say that they don't believe in fairies/santa claus/god/Random_Deity without fear of being burnt at the stake...
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Your morality is 0% in line with that of the bible.

Damn you heathen! Your book learnin' has done warped your mind. You shall not be invited next time I sacrifice a goat.

Do You Have Biblical Morals?
Take More Quizzes

Very good...

Which reminds me, I really must get this t-shirt some time...
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Islam is the light

And because I'm so nice, you get two today: )
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The Vatican accuses Obama of arrogance AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA
Seems their irony detector is broken...

But hey, denying the Holocaust is ok with the vatican...

Ahhh, that brought a smile to my face this morning...
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I just called a client in Liverpool and spoke to her colleague who said that she was off ill with the bug that seems to be hitting all of Liverpool.
I was so tempted to say ‘The workshyness bug?’ :-D

Oh, and this video is beyond hilarious:

Bored, but at least there's good music on...
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Sigh, I really am becoming a grumpy old man :-D
Or maybe I should sleep more... Hmmmm...
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This is so full of fail on sooooo many levels...

An institution of fantasists trying to censor one of their own bigots for remarks many of their follow fantasists seem to agree with...

Outrage spokesman David Allison said "It's the kind of remark you might expect from a drunk on a Saturday night, not someone in a supposedly responsible position."

Because filling people's heads with lies, fantasies, outdated myths and bigotry is responsible...?

Damn, I wish I had more time, I can feel an anti-religion rant coming on but I also have work to do.
I need to find an evolved planet where the belief in fantasies is left to children...
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Ok, this is just pissed me off: http://ping.fm/q7t5x
So, if I make up a religion and claim to be a minister I should be able to avoid council tax. And if it's rejected it would probably count as some form of persecution of my religion... Time for a lawsuit.
Now if they got lumped in under this section: http://ping.fm/ouvcK then I would totally understand...
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Happy St Chuck's Day!

St Chuck Norris, Patron Saint of Roundhouse Kicks...
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Jesus & Mo rocks but this one is the best...
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If Carlsberg made offensive images:
Read more... )
Should be worksafe.
Very green though :)

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cbr_paul for that one...
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After the demise of his football career Sol Campbell trains to become a vet. On his first day, he is called out to a local farm where two cows and two horses are about to give birth.

The first cow goes into a lengthy labour, meanwhile within minutes of each other the two horses go into labour. Sol tends to the two horses but messes up with school boy errors and sadly both newborns die. After 45 minutes the first cow gives birth, with this Sol puts on his coat and goes to leave.
Where are you going?? asks the baffled farmer. )

I really shouldn't browse WoW forums at work. Not that I'm not meant to but because I tend to giggle and splutter a little bit too much soemtime.
Such as when I was reading about a dwarf coming across to Night Elves having a 'tender moment' in a dark corner of the cross-continental subway.
My favourite bit is of course: Yar Yar, Hump, Hump!

Two funny pics... )
I have also decided to start again in a different realm. The guilds on Sunstrider were all either elitist 60+ only or deader than paladin without a hearthstone...
I now have a forsaken priest on Scarshield Legion which is an RP-PVP server. Amusingly the priest is named Takhisis and has found a guild called Dragonlance Guild :]

Other than that, the most exciting thing currently happening in my life was the dinner I had last night. A cut down version of spaghetti bolognese that consisted mostly of beef and cheese. Hot diggity that was far tastier than I expected and it was only will power (And WoW) that kept me from gorging myself to death...

And finally, it really made me chuckle that those dumb bastards tore up and burnt the Swiss flag...
And since it's sinful and evil to depict Mohammed I thought I'd bring you one of my favourites:

And for those who want more...

And finally, a quick survey for muslims: )
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205 days to go...

It's fun when you try to move mailboxes from one server to another and it fails.
It's even better when it isn't yourself who did it :]

I would also appear to have a new PC. Now I should be able to play WoW properly :]

[livejournal.com profile] super_boobies's food was as good as expected. Prawn linguini with spinach, garlic and chili. Very tasty.
We also half-saw a program called Root of all Evil which was about how bad religion is. I largely agree with basic idea as I too see religion in general as something of a hemshoe. I want my jet pack, I want my hover car, I want that summerhome on Mars dammit. Sadly the guy who was presenting it was exactly the kind of rabid-foam-at-the-mouth scientist who gives scientists a bad name.
I think I have a new favourite quote:
Good men do good deeds, Evil men do evil deeds, but for good men to do evil you need religion. Too true...

And for those who think religion is good for us, please take the time to read this piece and then read the study it's based on.

Oh, damn, back to work...


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