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So, Last week I got a keyboard from Play.Com and they sent me the wrong keyboard.

As was pointed out, it was an easy mistake to make as the two keyboards are almost identical, and I will happily concede that.
However, when they then send me exactly the same wrong keyboard a 2nd time I start getting a little bit upset.

Who knows, maybe it will be 3rd time lucky... But I somehow doubt it...
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So, I try to do something as simple as buying a new keyboard from Play.com and the incompetents send me a different keyboard to the one I ordered...
Filling in their returns form doesn't instill me with a great deal of confidence in their abilities to handle this satisfactorily, but we shall see.

I am particularly looking forwards to seeing whether they will expect me to pay the cost of sending the keyboard back...
Aaaaannnd breathe deeply.

At least my new wrist straps have arrived safely...


Aug. 18th, 2006 06:08 pm
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I think I just accidentally bought it... :-]
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Went to see March of the Penguins last night with [livejournal.com profile] ellebabe, [livejournal.com profile] penguin_worship and [livejournal.com profile] flannelcat.
That is such an amazingly good movie. Perhaps not as many explosions as I expected, but it still rocked.
Most of you lot will know by now that penguins are one of my favourite animals, so naturally I liked the movie :)

It basically tells the story of the noble emperor penguins' march to their breeding grounds and some of the hazards which they have to face both on the way there and while they are there.
There are some hilarious and almost heartrendingly cute footage of penguins sliding, falling on their bum, walking with their chicks and so on. It was quite nice to hear the collective 'Awwws' and 'Ahhhs' from the cinema
There are also some really sad bits with penguins who didn't quite make the journey there or who didn't manage to keep their eggs warm and so on.
The saddest bit was where one penguin was nudging it's dead chick and then made some very sad sounding noises.
There was no penguin pirates though... :(

I thought it was a very feel-good optimistic feeling that had me leave the cinema with a positive feeling.
[livejournal.com profile] flannelcat on the other hand felt that it was a bit depressing and sad (Please correct me if I misunderstood), but I think we all agreed that it was a fantastic movie.

I also have my new coat. Rar. [livejournal.com profile] reddragdiva had the height for it, but I had the width so I bought it off him. And I must say it does look good. It is quite long though, so it really is a coat where I must wear New Rocks or something with a similar size sole.
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And again...
Since I'm no good at writing long entries I thought I'd make this one in soundbite format.
[livejournal.com profile] flannelcat is a mastercook and if he ever offers to make food for you I'll suggest you say yes.
Kangaroo meat is very tasty. Definitely worth trying again.
[livejournal.com profile] gelflyng is very funny when she's trying to eat while a bit tipsy. She also doesn't take very well to being tickled :]
[livejournal.com profile] penguin_worships mother is very nice to talk to on the phone and apparently I have now become 'Mother Liaison Officer' and all calls from said mother will be forwarded to my mobile.
[livejournal.com profile] gothicbarbiecat can now expect a visit from me on the 10th of November. Tickets have been booked and everfing...
Tinitus is a go. Festival tickets and Plane tickets have been purchased. [livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard, get that passport sorted out. You only have a bit over a month to get it sorted...
Good lord my bank account has been pillaged as if it was an English abbey back in the viking days...

As we all know the Starwars prequels sucked mighty wang. In a perfect world Joss Whedon would have made them and they would have been unsucky.
Serenity is one of the best sci-fi movies I have ever seen. I think it's even made it into my top 20 movie list of all times.
Joss Whedon is truly my new master...
And whether you like the movie or not, if you like sci-fi you must go and buy the Firefly DVD box set. Only £17.99 from HMV...

Garlic & Shots on Friday. Oh look at the collective surprise...
Not a big one. Just a meal and a few drinks. Definitely the last tube home...
Anyone coming along?


Oct. 7th, 2005 05:33 pm
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Oh what mighty booty I have from HMV...
I accidentally purchased Firefly and The Third Man. I didn't mean to but it was just so cheap. £2.99 for The third Man, how could I not?

HMV has a really big sale on at the moment, so now might be a good time to grab some cheap DVDs and CDs...
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...are available...
And they come with T-shirt, DVD and a gimmick if you order the X-Mas special which costs the same as the festival-only ticket...
I think I will order my ticket tomorrow...

X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] camp_victory
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If I ever consider buying something from either Amazon or Dabs again, please slap me with a kipper and call me a muppet.
Both of those fuckwit companies have managed to send the stuff I've ordered to my home address instead of to my office.
After the problems I've had with them previously I said to myself: 'Never again' but of course I forgot and decided to give them another chance.
Muppet that I am.
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So, I would appear to have bought some dice.
I'm now nearly ready to get back into RPG'ing...

Once I have The Players Handbook and whatever the current version of The Wizard's Handbook is these days I'll be away, as it were...
Scarily geeky :)
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I'm going to Torture Garden for the first time this Saturday and I was hoping to find a nice uniform to wear.
This sort of fancy dress seems to be rather elusive...

The only ones I have been able to find are slightly boring british ones and I was kinda hoping for a groovy looking German WWII uniform (No Swasticas though).
Does anyone know where I can get one?
Preferably someplace with a website where I can browse the goods first :)

If I can't hire one, I'll bite the bullet and buy one, but where...
Damn, and I have no idea where to start and I don't really want to go to websites that come up if I google for german uniforms at work :)
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Well, that was a damn good weekend.
It started Thursday when I celebrated [livejournal.com profile] blakeshell's birthday.
[livejournal.com profile] himal was there which was nice as he hasn't been out in ages.
The organ concert we went to wasn't exactly my kinda thing and fortunately the others were of the same opinion so we left about halfway through.
We then went to a nice little pub where I got a pint of good German beer for only... £1.97.
Wow, that must be the cheapest pint in The City.

Dead & Buried was good as always. Spent most of the evening chatting to [livejournal.com profile] bad_faery and [livejournal.com profile] glenndm. It was good to see lots of people I hadn't seen in a while.
On the way home we popped by a kebab shop so [livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard could have his traditional post-club kebab :)
£7 but it was a bloody big and good kebab with meaty treats of much delight.

Crashed, woke up, went to Camden, spent money.
Got a rather nice Cyberdog top which I can wear and I almost don't have to suck my gut in. Well, not much anyway :)
Also got a new pair of New Rock boots. Yay.
They are exactly like my old pair, but with slightly shorter straps. The reason is that I have finally given up trying to clean my old ones.
Simply too much mud and dust on them, so they will be my festival shoes from now on, and my new ones will be for normal day to day use.
Then The Dev, home, preen and Garlic & Shots. Mmmmm.
Texas xxx-Hot Chili In a Pan. Yummie.
Went to Slimes afterwards but my companions had very little alcohol as we left G&S after 23:00. Ooops.
Slimes was fantastic. One of my best in a long time. Saw and chatted to many people. Danced lots. Had fun.
And how nice it is to be the one who managed to dance till the very end non-munted, when ones munted friends couldn't.
Phear my l33t Danish stamina.

Home to catch a few hours kip and then off to Camden again. I used my switch card with utter impunity and have been rewarded with several goodies. 2 Corvus Corax CDs, Torture Garden tickets, more stuff from Cyberdog and a pair of white New Rock trainers :)
Woo yay.

Then Dev with lot's more people I hadn't seen in ages and ages. It was good. Very good.

So, a really good weekend where I saw lot's of people I hadn't seen for a while. I would give this weekend 8 golden stars out of ten.
People really shouldn't move to Luton ;)
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Although it's well known by now that George Lucas sells tickets to trainwrecks (No I'm not bitter) I'm very tempted by these.
Now if only I could get some I could actually duel with properly :)
And of course I would have to get an appropriate t-shirt

Damn, now I got started at Thinkgeek.Com so I'll probably spend another hour drooling over cool stuff...

By the way, do any of you coders out there know if there's a bit of code which open up links in a new tab in Firefox?
That would be a bit nicer than a new window...
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Also, SG1 season 6 & 7 for only £30 each. Yayness. I know I shouldn't but I just couldn't help myself.

I have also booked myself in for some more laser treatment tomorrow, so soon Operation: Hairless Monkey™ will be complete. Sadly this means no gym/viking training for me Sunday or Monday as I'm not meant to get hot for a day or two afterwards.
But it will be worth it.

What was also worth it was Subway. Two for one everywhere today. Glory be the footlong cheese and steak subs :)
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So, today is my last day with HSBC Insurance Brokers.
It has been mildly interesting although working with NT4 and Novell has been frustrating.
It'll be interesting to see what the next client will bring...

I have also decided that the best way to get rid of my overdraft was to re-finance the loan I'm currently paying off.
This gave me an idea. Since there are a couple of things I'm saving up for, I asked the nice people at the bank if they would mind giving me a bit more so I could buy these things which would enhance the quality of my life.
They agreed.
So behold, the next stage of Operation: Hairless Monkey is a go.
These nice people will be lasering my back and shoulders tomorrow morning. Although yesterdays attempted suicide bombings were horrible and despicable it meant that there were a lot of cancellations at the Oxford Circus clinic so I could go for an initial consultation :)
Test lasering went fine and as I have been told before, my pain threshold for my back is apparently high so I shouldn't need anesthetic cream.

Since I needed a few other things, I also decided it was time to get a new camera and some ties :)
Unfortunately I'm now discovering how difficult it is to get hold of Amazon, because the memory card I ordered is set to arrive between 30/07 and 08/08 which would be a bit late for me.
Incompetent fools.
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Gar. Home now. Tired.
Very tired.
Can't be bothered turning Trillian on.

Just wanna vegetate.

Might put on my new big stompy boots on (N00 Rawks #102).

I'm currently prepared for one specific comment from one specific person. ;)
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Got up and went to Camden with Pete and met up with Anke. Went looking for a corset from Fairy Goth Mother for Anke. After trying on a couple of outfits she decided to order one custom made from their website.
I gave up on trying to get replacement bits for my New Rocks as they only had one type of metal bit which would fit, and I just couldn't be bothered as it would probably break off after a short while.
If I ever consider buying another pair of New Rocks, please bitchslap me and remind me of all the hassle I've had with my current pair...

Afterwards we went for a bite to eat at some Italian type place.
Garlic bread with cheese and calamari rings make an excellent afternoon snack.

Unfortunately Thomas weren't up for The Intrepid Fox and Rachel was still a bit ill and hungover so her and Andy weren't up for going out, so Pete and I went back to Anke and Olivers place for a bit to drink and smoke.

All in all quite a good relaxing day.


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