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Me, in response to [livejournal.com profile] lhawksey's impending wedding, 'It's scary, I'm getting to that age where more and more of my friends are getting married'

To which my colleague responds 'And I'm getting to the age where my friends are getting un-married...'

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Good milk comes from happy cows.
Happy cows come from Thunder Bluff :)

Also, it's really bad that when our desktop support guys call me for advise, I've started saying: 'It's working as intended' :)

I also have to restrain myself from saying Learn2Troubleshoot when they call me about silly things they haven't bothered looking at properly...

Woo yay

Jun. 22nd, 2006 10:14 am
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How odd, I have had this sense of impending doom for a while and now it's all better.

I'm a happy bunny now because something I've been waiting for has finally come through :)

It looks like M'era Luna is a go again...
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Woo yay - Icon love...

And please note, I'm not ignoring anyone that might be expecting replies to e-mails or whom I haven't spoken with in a while, I'm just so busy with work it's absolutely untrue.

Desperately trying to keep one mailserver from running out of space.
180gb database with 68mb left on the disk and about 300 users receiving mail. You do math...

To our great amusement another server then decided that it would be great fun to corrupt it's mail database. Oh how we laughed.
And yeah, that doesn't happen every day, but it ahs been hectic.

Anyone in the city fancy lunch at Subway today?
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So, this weekend marks the third week I've been on call. Three weeks in a row.
This makes me a happy bear :)
Not because it's over but because that's a nice big pot of gold at the end of this month and next. And hopefully my salary adjustment will get signed in the next week or so which shoudl further increase the contents of the pot of gold from the end of May. Mmmm, this means I'll eat lot's more chicken and turkey :)

I have also gotten a bit perkier after getting more monay. Wow, who would have figured... :]
I'm still broke, but that's only the natural state of affairs...

I've also been given a big and tedious task.
Namely to go through 600+ fax numbers and sort them into three categories.
1: Numbers to be deleted (At £5 a month, we don't want numbers that aren't in use)
2: Numbers that can be changed to a new provider
3: Numbers that will have to run concurrently witha new number from a new provider

Yes, very exciting. It's good to know that I'm doing truly important things in this world...

Anyway, it looks like I'll be in The Dev tonight, but not until too late as I'm working tomorrow morning from 0800 - 1200 and then again from 1900 - whenever...
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162 days to go and it's been nearly a month without a proper update...

Well, I haven't really done much of note in that time.
My life seems to consist purely of work, WoW and general geekery. I've been really bad and skipped the gym a lot this month in favour of WoW, but I'm now back on track and aching for it. Another reason for having the break for the gym has been my left shoulder which doesn't ache, but there is a slight dullness to the way it feels...

I'm also studying again which is rather good. As I haven't got any plans for this weekend other than recovering from Clawfinger on Friday. Oh yes, yet another band from when I was a kid that I'm getting to see. I almost feel spoiled :)

Work is going well. A rather steep learning curve, but it's been good. It's nice to have a job that I enjoy so much that I log on from home to do stuff...
I should also be getting a copy of SuSE Linux 9 soon so I can see if it can realistically be used as a desktop for the technical staff. Obviously Linux can be used for your average end-user, but will I be able to do all the many things I have to be able to do?
It would be a bit pointless if I just end up running XP in a VMWare session all the time...

On with the geekyness...
I bought a server yesterday.
2U, dual-processor and goff as all hell :)
Well, it's black anyway :)
Tonight I intend to do battle with Google and see if I can find manuals for the beast.
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183 days to go and all is quiet on the westernnorse front...

My life has been fairly quiet for a while now for various reasons. Primarily financial ones.
However, not going out means I can devote more time to important stuff...

I have also been working harder than just about any other time in my working life that I can think of. But it's worth it. For a long time my via luminosa has seemed unfathomably long and hard, but it now seems to be a road that'll be travelled with some ease. The main reasons for this is the payrise which should come into effect from the end of February. I don't know how much yet, but considering the starting salaryof the people in our server division, it's gonna be a significant (For me) amount. I have also just been told how much I'll be getting for being on call. At first it doesn't sound like much, but then I calculated huw much it would be considering the number of hours on is on call. I then recalculated. I then picked my jaw up from the floor and I have been unable to stop grinning since :]
Oh yes, I am definitely in a serious karma burn zone at the moment. I guess saving up all that good karma over the years is finally paying off...
And it looks like I'll be able to happily afford Wacken, M'era Luna and a full viking outfit. I have all the weapons I'll need on order. And ooohhh, I'm waiting excitedly for my Dane Axe...

This month is still gonna be harsh though as I need to survive somehow, while also buying my plane ticket to Lanzarote. I'm tempted to leave it until March, and then just take the extra financial hit out of the extra gold that will be in my monthly pot... But I really don't want to risk not being able to get a flight as I am not swimming there...

Weekend was good with lots of WoW and a nice dinner provided by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] ditzy_pole. I am waiting for that poll you were gonna do :)
Viking training was fab as well. Lot's of good fighting and no spectacular bruises.
Speaking of which, a bunch of vikings will invade The Most Expensive Boozer in Christendom™ (Worlds End) tonight at 20:00. Ok, maybe not the most expensive, but it still brings a tear to my eye when I go to the counter and prepare for the financial rogering with a hedgehog-onna-stick. About £4 for a beer... Ouch.

After Forever last night rocked immensely. Nightwish should poach Floor Jansen as soon as possible :]
She has a good stage presence and she's easily far prettier than Tarja...
Ahem, but yeah, the gig was good, but they deserve a much bigger stage. Energetic and very metally. I like that a lot. I think I may have to go and invest in some of their CDs...
I missed the first support band but [livejournal.com profile] elijahtc said the sucked balls anyway.
The second support band was quite good. Good old skool metal with big hair and lot's of \mm/ :]
I'm not gonna rush to buy their CDs, but I'll definitely hope to see them again at some point...

Next up, Dragonforce on Friday...
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My colleagues are currently having a look through my pictures :D

Their two main comments have been:
'You know some hot chicks'
'And some scary ones too'

And one of my colleagues think [livejournal.com profile] haloj looks scary.
'She looks like she's about to kill someone...' and for fun I decided to mentionin the briefest possible way how a tattoo of a dragon became a tattoo of the mighty pigasus :)
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Does anyone know if there are any open/unprotected wireless networks in the Soho area that one might be able to jump on?
I'm particularly interested in Frith Street...
That G&S is located there is of course purely a co-incidence :->
[livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard, [livejournal.com profile] camillat, [livejournal.com profile] posthuman_angel and my good self will be going to Wagamama for some decent food tomorrow and possibly G&S on Saturday... Money being a bit of a concern at the moment, G&S might have to be re-scheduled. I suspect [livejournal.com profile] camillat might feel the same way...?
I think I shall bring my laptop to both of those fine establishments to see what connectivity I have there...

Ooohhh, how cool would it be to play WoW while relaxing in G&S ?

Work is ridiculously busy and I'm loving it. Since I don't have to deal with slackjawed-yokels end-users, I quite happily work away during lunch, don't notice I should have gone home 30 - 40 minutes ago and I happily log on from home and work if necessary... I have discovered an entirely new enjoyment of work. Let's see how long it lasts :)
Fortunately Semagic works through our firewall, so updating ElJay is easy :)

I may have been persuaded to go to Synthetic Culture tomorrow...
Hmm, I think it shall have to be a drinkless night as I'm waging war on my beergut while trying to stay friendly with my bank...

Todays chest work-out was good, but I really could do with a gym buddy as my benchpress is sorely in need of some progress. I'm a bit reluctant to stack the bar with as much as I can lift due to the worry that I might drop it and kill/maim myself... So today I only did 50kg benchpress but I quite happily had 35kg dumbbells in each hand when I did dumbbell presses afterwards...
Annoying, but never mind. I nearly did 37.5kg but not quite. Soon... Soon...
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205 days to go...

It's fun when you try to move mailboxes from one server to another and it fails.
It's even better when it isn't yourself who did it :]

I would also appear to have a new PC. Now I should be able to play WoW properly :]

[livejournal.com profile] super_boobies's food was as good as expected. Prawn linguini with spinach, garlic and chili. Very tasty.
We also half-saw a program called Root of all Evil which was about how bad religion is. I largely agree with basic idea as I too see religion in general as something of a hemshoe. I want my jet pack, I want my hover car, I want that summerhome on Mars dammit. Sadly the guy who was presenting it was exactly the kind of rabid-foam-at-the-mouth scientist who gives scientists a bad name.
I think I have a new favourite quote:
Good men do good deeds, Evil men do evil deeds, but for good men to do evil you need religion. Too true...

And for those who think religion is good for us, please take the time to read this piece and then read the study it's based on.

Oh, damn, back to work...
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Damn, I'm tired.

I really should have gone home at a decent time last night rather than waiting for The Dev to close.
Oh well, the company was good so it was worth it, but it really wasn't nice getting up at 5am this morning.
And again tomorrow, but tonight I'm off to bed early so I can have energy for tomorrow.

Who's going to The Ice Wharf in Camden tomorrow?
I'll be there about 20:00ish...
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And todays corporate loser is the lady who called the desktop support team and asked them why she couldn't send e-mail.
They call me (I don't talk to users directly) and I swiftly deduce the problem:
Me: Her account has been disabled...
Helldesk: Oh, yeah, it is...
Me: Maybe she hasn't been told yet that she no longer works for us...?
Helldesk: Oh, yeah, could be...
Me: Maybe someone should call HR or Security...
Helldesk: Yeah, Yeah, I'll do that just now...
Someone might be getting a rude surprise just before x-mas...

And todays corporate winner is me.
I had set a bunch of mailboxes to be moved from one server to another, but had gotten a little bit too ambitious and caused the server to slow down a little bit too much.
Fortunately I overheard some of my colleagues trying to figure out what was wrong and killed the move. And they had to say to the desktop guys that they couldn't see anything wrong with the server and it must have been a network glitch.
*whistles innocently*

And I got a card from NY today. Yay...
Only about a month since the sender returned to London...
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I find it incredibly cool in some sort of geeky way that we have a user called Yuri Gagarin :)
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It would appear that I'm going to be on call for NYE...
I guess this means I should pay Garlic & Shots a visit before then to see if there are any wireless networks I can piggyback onto if I need to do anything work related...
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I just realised that I forgot to bring my World of Warcrack CDs with me to work.
Dammit. What am I now gonna do 'twixt 17:30 and 19:00?

I don't suppose anyone in the city (Near Fenchurch Street) would happen to have a set of WoW discs I can borrow for the day?
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Most big companies desire greater than normal reliability and stability over the christmas period and usually implement a change freeze. This means that changes to the IT infrastructure will have to wait until next year.
Ironically, this means that just before the change freeze takes effect every single team in the company wants something implemented leading to a greater than normal chance of something going badly wrong.
Ahhh, you gotta love it.

And another mailserver ran out of space today.

I'm also tired yet again as it was the christmas do last night. 2000 employees gathered to drink and eat.
The food was excellent. A mix of Cuban beef dishes (Supposedly), fish, and curry. There were also some vegetarian dishes, but I only sampled the potatoes (Which were nice)...
The Grolsch ran out much too early after which there was a run on the Carlsberg. When that ran out we were left to drink kangaroo piss Castlemaine XXXX.
Fortunately there was also an ocean of wine, although the red was a bit drier than I would normally like it.
It was good fun though, and I had forgotten how many beautiful women you usually get in a bank.
The quality of the women in banking is definitely higher than in most companies (The only exception being Citigroup which was rather boring in that respect).
It was quite a nice little soiré and I finally got home at 00:30 slightly worse for wear. Then Warcrack and DS9 :)
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Good lord I'm tired.
Hmm, I seem to be saying this a lot recently. I wonder if this has anything to do with my re-activation of my WoW account.
Well, between WoW and four more seasons of DS9 to finish, I don't see the sleep situation getting any better.
Oh well, I can survive fine on Subway, Pro-Plus and fumes...
And my Dwarf Paladin is nearly at level 20. Hoo ray. Once he has reached that, I think I'll get my mage and druid up to that level and then try a hunter just to see what that might be like.I don't suppose anyone else here is Alliance on the Sunstrider server?

Work is busy. We seem to be stumbling from one catastrophe to another. Today one of our mail servers ran out of disk space. You would have thought someone might have noticed that, but apparently space checking is not a part of the usual morning checks.
So yeah, fun, games and a lot of moving users around.

X-Mas do with work tonight. Free beer and free food. I couldn't say no, could I? :]

I tried out the Soho Gyms near Holborn and I have decided that I will join it.
I must say though, I don't think I have seen that many gay men in one room since I was last taken to a gay bar.

And this coming weekend there's a viking show in Rickmansworth which is part of a wider charity event. I will probably go to that although the decision isn't final yet.
I will hopefully get me an axe there. I also need too put in an order for a Dane-axe and a Scram.
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So far I'm enjoying my new position in messaging.
It's not overly busy, but there is stuff to do most of the time. Not that we get stressed as the guy who plays Counterstrike: Source (I think(?)) will agree on.
Personally I'm much too busy to play games or check ElJay... There's is a fair bit of stuff to learn here, but that's ok, I'm happy with that.

I also get toys. It's not much, but I have just been given a Blackberry to play with and there are other toys on the horizon.
I don't want to sully my soul by using Macs, but those 21" I think) wide screen monitors are impressive. Hmmm. It's very progressive of this bank to offer their workers the choice between Macs, Wintel machines or Linux boxes depending on what they prefer... That's not something you see often. Hmm, I'm tempted... Actually I'm more tempted to see if I'd be able to whack Linux on one of those bad boys...

I have also finally cancelled my membership to my local temple of pain gym and I'm going to the Soho Gyms near Holborn after work to see what it's like. It looks promising though...
Anyine else here who might be meber of a Soho Gyms?

And I'm guessing that you've all heard of the dyslexic black metaller who sold his soul to Santa :]
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Which reminds me, on the day after the guy I'm replacing had his leaving drinks (Manager was an hour late, the leaver woke up in Brighton and veryone else was moaning about headaches) we had a major disaster and discovered that your DR plans weren't as good as they could have been.

Not a good day for that to happen, but a very amusing second day for me.

And I still haven't got a desk, but at least I have a laptop and a login :]
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Ahhh, it would appear that Semagic works fine through our firewall.
this pleases me greatly.

Also, a great big congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard on his victory today.
Maybe you'll manage to claw your way out of that scummy hell-hole yet...

Also, I have done something very very foolish.
I have re-installed WoW. If you don't know what I'm talking about, be happy. You are clearly safe.
For those in te know, take pity on me, for any semblance of sleep must surely be a sweet memory and not much more.
Which is also why I'm so damn tired today.


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