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Jun. 22nd, 2006 10:14 am
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How odd, I have had this sense of impending doom for a while and now it's all better.

I'm a happy bunny now because something I've been waiting for has finally come through :)

It looks like M'era Luna is a go again...
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Woo yay, I've been having a great time of late.
I've been massively ill which is why I wasn't out all weekend. Still snotty, but at least I don't feel like death would be better than getting out of bed.
On my way home from Camden Monday I lost my phone. Go me, I'm so good and clever...
Tuesday I was shafted very hard on pay. Yay, go company... More than a little bit annoyed as I now may not be able to follow through on my plans for the summer.
Yesterday I tried to activate my new phone, but the idiot I spoke to typed in the wrong number, so I had to call again today to get it activated, so it might be another 24 hours before it start working >_<
Last night I had hoped to do some work from G&S but the SIM in the Wi-Fi card I'd been given had expired. /Sigh
It's that time of the month where I'm changing contacts, so I can currently only see from one eye.
My right wrist has been hurting for over a week and is just now getting better (Girlfiend kindly lent me a support band which helped).
My financial situation is in tatters, so I'll really have to try to refrain from going out as much as I used to over the next few months, otherwise my trip to Wacken might be in jeopardy.

On the bright side, I'm being fed Chilli con Carne tonight while watching West Wing.
Sadly this means no WoW for me...
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183 days to go and all is quiet on the westernnorse front...

My life has been fairly quiet for a while now for various reasons. Primarily financial ones.
However, not going out means I can devote more time to important stuff...

I have also been working harder than just about any other time in my working life that I can think of. But it's worth it. For a long time my via luminosa has seemed unfathomably long and hard, but it now seems to be a road that'll be travelled with some ease. The main reasons for this is the payrise which should come into effect from the end of February. I don't know how much yet, but considering the starting salaryof the people in our server division, it's gonna be a significant (For me) amount. I have also just been told how much I'll be getting for being on call. At first it doesn't sound like much, but then I calculated huw much it would be considering the number of hours on is on call. I then recalculated. I then picked my jaw up from the floor and I have been unable to stop grinning since :]
Oh yes, I am definitely in a serious karma burn zone at the moment. I guess saving up all that good karma over the years is finally paying off...
And it looks like I'll be able to happily afford Wacken, M'era Luna and a full viking outfit. I have all the weapons I'll need on order. And ooohhh, I'm waiting excitedly for my Dane Axe...

This month is still gonna be harsh though as I need to survive somehow, while also buying my plane ticket to Lanzarote. I'm tempted to leave it until March, and then just take the extra financial hit out of the extra gold that will be in my monthly pot... But I really don't want to risk not being able to get a flight as I am not swimming there...

Weekend was good with lots of WoW and a nice dinner provided by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] ditzy_pole. I am waiting for that poll you were gonna do :)
Viking training was fab as well. Lot's of good fighting and no spectacular bruises.
Speaking of which, a bunch of vikings will invade The Most Expensive Boozer in Christendom™ (Worlds End) tonight at 20:00. Ok, maybe not the most expensive, but it still brings a tear to my eye when I go to the counter and prepare for the financial rogering with a hedgehog-onna-stick. About £4 for a beer... Ouch.

After Forever last night rocked immensely. Nightwish should poach Floor Jansen as soon as possible :]
She has a good stage presence and she's easily far prettier than Tarja...
Ahem, but yeah, the gig was good, but they deserve a much bigger stage. Energetic and very metally. I like that a lot. I think I may have to go and invest in some of their CDs...
I missed the first support band but [livejournal.com profile] elijahtc said the sucked balls anyway.
The second support band was quite good. Good old skool metal with big hair and lot's of \mm/ :]
I'm not gonna rush to buy their CDs, but I'll definitely hope to see them again at some point...

Next up, Dragonforce on Friday...
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And again...
Since I'm no good at writing long entries I thought I'd make this one in soundbite format.
[livejournal.com profile] flannelcat is a mastercook and if he ever offers to make food for you I'll suggest you say yes.
Kangaroo meat is very tasty. Definitely worth trying again.
[livejournal.com profile] gelflyng is very funny when she's trying to eat while a bit tipsy. She also doesn't take very well to being tickled :]
[livejournal.com profile] penguin_worships mother is very nice to talk to on the phone and apparently I have now become 'Mother Liaison Officer' and all calls from said mother will be forwarded to my mobile.
[livejournal.com profile] gothicbarbiecat can now expect a visit from me on the 10th of November. Tickets have been booked and everfing...
Tinitus is a go. Festival tickets and Plane tickets have been purchased. [livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard, get that passport sorted out. You only have a bit over a month to get it sorted...
Good lord my bank account has been pillaged as if it was an English abbey back in the viking days...

As we all know the Starwars prequels sucked mighty wang. In a perfect world Joss Whedon would have made them and they would have been unsucky.
Serenity is one of the best sci-fi movies I have ever seen. I think it's even made it into my top 20 movie list of all times.
Joss Whedon is truly my new master...
And whether you like the movie or not, if you like sci-fi you must go and buy the Firefly DVD box set. Only £17.99 from HMV...

Garlic & Shots on Friday. Oh look at the collective surprise...
Not a big one. Just a meal and a few drinks. Definitely the last tube home...
Anyone coming along?
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If I ever consider buying something from either Amazon or Dabs again, please slap me with a kipper and call me a muppet.
Both of those fuckwit companies have managed to send the stuff I've ordered to my home address instead of to my office.
After the problems I've had with them previously I said to myself: 'Never again' but of course I forgot and decided to give them another chance.
Muppet that I am.
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In work with three and a half hours to go...
Bank holiday and it's sunny. Dammit.

Oh well, it's completely voluntary and I could really use the money so why not...
And since I'm only here on a 'In case something happens' basis there's sweet FA to do apart from surfing and reading.
Oh yeah, and organising herbal relief for a friend :)

But it is a little bit boring.
I think I'll spend the next hour or two making some new icons (I can have 100) and refreshing my CV.
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So, today is my last day with HSBC Insurance Brokers.
It has been mildly interesting although working with NT4 and Novell has been frustrating.
It'll be interesting to see what the next client will bring...

I have also decided that the best way to get rid of my overdraft was to re-finance the loan I'm currently paying off.
This gave me an idea. Since there are a couple of things I'm saving up for, I asked the nice people at the bank if they would mind giving me a bit more so I could buy these things which would enhance the quality of my life.
They agreed.
So behold, the next stage of Operation: Hairless Monkey is a go.
These nice people will be lasering my back and shoulders tomorrow morning. Although yesterdays attempted suicide bombings were horrible and despicable it meant that there were a lot of cancellations at the Oxford Circus clinic so I could go for an initial consultation :)
Test lasering went fine and as I have been told before, my pain threshold for my back is apparently high so I shouldn't need anesthetic cream.

Since I needed a few other things, I also decided it was time to get a new camera and some ties :)
Unfortunately I'm now discovering how difficult it is to get hold of Amazon, because the memory card I ordered is set to arrive between 30/07 and 08/08 which would be a bit late for me.
Incompetent fools.
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Damn I feel great. I feel absolutely fan-bloody-tastic.

  • Beergut is getting noticably smaller (No beer + Situps++)

  • I'm getting muscles again (Weights++)

  • The weather is fantastic (Lack of air-con--)

  • I'm actually studying for my certifications rather than just talking about studying :)

  • I have the best constitution on the planet (I could probably get SARS, AIDS, cancer and The Plague all at once and my body would fight it off)

  • My Starcraft skills are excellent (I have just had three games against the maximum number of computer opponents and they were soundly thrashed)

  • I am so confident in my quest to quit smoking that I've thrown out all my ash trays (Nicotine patches++)

  • My financial situation is the best it's ever been

  • I have tickets for M'era Luna, Infest and Whitby

  • I have even managed to find a pair of glasses that fit me (I have a funny shaped skull, so glasses have never really been a good option before)

Probably the only downside at the moment is that I'm stuck in Ye Olde Scummy Hellhole rather than being in London, but once I have a few more certifications, that should hopefully be rectifiable. And I don't care if I just made that word up :)

All in all I feel so good that I suspect I'm disqualified from being a goth ;)



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