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But it's something that make me all warm and happy inside :)
Cut for size of picture... )
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Well, I think so :)

Anyway, great weekend.
Garlic & Shots was great and viking training was fantastic. I kicked ass and took names with the mighty Dane Axeand racked up an impressive body count.
You know you're doing something right when the resident Dane Axe training officer gets tired of getting killed by you and get a shield so he can defend better.
Damn that felt good :)

Speaking of which, next weekend there's a viking weekend party/training session in some woods near Broxbourne.
Those of us who fight will be fighting and anyone who wants to come along but aren't fighting will just be drinking, eating and carousing :)

So if you fancy coming along for that, give me shout some time during the week.
I'll be going up there either Friday evening or Saturday early afternoon.

And on a seperate note, for some reason I have recently been feeling like I'm living a Leonard Cohen song.
Most disconcerting...

W T F ...

Aug. 29th, 2006 08:46 pm
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I don't know if this is for real, but it sure is funny in a tragical kind of way.
I think it will appeal to some of you

Completely Worksafe )
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[livejournal.com profile] galadkria and I was thinking about arranging a World of Warcraft weekend in the not too distant future.

The idea is that 5 of us get together and basically spend a weekend (Fri-Sun?) playing WoW together.
All on the same server/faction

Would anyone here be up for that?
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Good milk comes from happy cows.
Happy cows come from Thunder Bluff :)

Also, it's really bad that when our desktop support guys call me for advise, I've started saying: 'It's working as intended' :)

I also have to restrain myself from saying Learn2Troubleshoot when they call me about silly things they haven't bothered looking at properly...
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Oh dear lord how I hate it... )

I will never understand what is so hard about hosting a file on your own servers so people can get a quick and reliable download.

And is anyone else on Scarshield Legion crashing a lot after the patch?

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What if...

Jun. 12th, 2006 11:04 am
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What if football was like WoW?

I guess I might watch it :]
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Mostly WoW related...

Sometime ago I posted on [livejournal.com profile] worldofwarcraft about whether it would be possible to reach exalted with Orgrimmar before hitting 40 and I got a lot of good response.
Sadly I can see that 'm probably not gonna get a wolf when my cowTauren hunter hit 40, but I'm damn well gonna try :)

Also, inspired by a previous post about customising keyboard shortcuts I decided to redo some of mine.
I like using the Alt key combined as I have a good reach and can use a wide range of keys with it.
I started remapping the function keys (Alt+F1, Alt+F2) and got to F4... It took me two attempts before I realised the depths of stupidity to which I had plummeted...

I thought I'd entertain you all with that :]

I have also introduced [livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard to WoW and hopefully he'll be levelled up in no time ready for some instances and some questing...
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This could just as easily be me :)
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In lieu of real content I'm bringing you some funne, but entirely worksafe pictures:
Before marriage )
After marriage )

And if Carlsberg made sequels: )

And finally, here is a little Warcrack video that shows some high level characters being completely owned by a low level character.
The video is set in a place called Gadgetzan which is loosely based on Barter Town from Mad Max 3.
It's neutral territory where both Alliance (The evil ones) and Horde (The good guys) can go to trade. It's also full of bruisers who will attack anyone attacking another player.
And now I really want to go and do the same :-D
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And in more exciting and important news, my undeadForsaken Priest (Takhisis) finally dinged 30 last night. Woo, go me.

Spells are now nearly 1g each >_< and that makes me a sad pandaren.
Thankfully, one of my fellow guildies had 10g spare so I got some shine new spells to kill good guys evil alliance scum with.

My Tauren Hunter (Milchkuh) is still only lvl19, but I hope to fix that tonight...

And as I saw on one of the WoW LJ communities:
Saying 'It's only a 10 day trial is a bit like saying 'It's only heroin... Ach, so true...
The reason for the mood is because I was playing WoW at 4:30 this morning instead of going to bed...
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162 days to go and it's been nearly a month without a proper update...

Well, I haven't really done much of note in that time.
My life seems to consist purely of work, WoW and general geekery. I've been really bad and skipped the gym a lot this month in favour of WoW, but I'm now back on track and aching for it. Another reason for having the break for the gym has been my left shoulder which doesn't ache, but there is a slight dullness to the way it feels...

I'm also studying again which is rather good. As I haven't got any plans for this weekend other than recovering from Clawfinger on Friday. Oh yes, yet another band from when I was a kid that I'm getting to see. I almost feel spoiled :)

Work is going well. A rather steep learning curve, but it's been good. It's nice to have a job that I enjoy so much that I log on from home to do stuff...
I should also be getting a copy of SuSE Linux 9 soon so I can see if it can realistically be used as a desktop for the technical staff. Obviously Linux can be used for your average end-user, but will I be able to do all the many things I have to be able to do?
It would be a bit pointless if I just end up running XP in a VMWare session all the time...

On with the geekyness...
I bought a server yesterday.
2U, dual-processor and goff as all hell :)
Well, it's black anyway :)
Tonight I intend to do battle with Google and see if I can find manuals for the beast.
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For those of you who haven't seen this yet: An 'Interactive' Map of All Public Transport Routes in Warcrack...
It's absolutely invaluable.

Oh, and it also shows where you're likely to get gold and silver ore...

Should I be disturbed that my sudden desire to go on a safari in Africa is inspired by Warcraft?
Whether you like Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft or not, no-one can can say that Blizzards graphics aren't just beautiful...
So last night I was questing in The Barrens, which is a savanna like area, and it was just gorgeous.
The full moon shining from above, the blood spraying from severed limbs and so on.
I took some fantastic screenshots which I will try to post later.

Curse Blizzard for making the screenshots .TGA files...
Bloody annoying when you want JPG or PNG files...
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What does every mage need?

A slinky black dress of course: )
Work Safe although possibly not brane safe...
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After the demise of his football career Sol Campbell trains to become a vet. On his first day, he is called out to a local farm where two cows and two horses are about to give birth.

The first cow goes into a lengthy labour, meanwhile within minutes of each other the two horses go into labour. Sol tends to the two horses but messes up with school boy errors and sadly both newborns die. After 45 minutes the first cow gives birth, with this Sol puts on his coat and goes to leave.
Where are you going?? asks the baffled farmer. )

I really shouldn't browse WoW forums at work. Not that I'm not meant to but because I tend to giggle and splutter a little bit too much soemtime.
Such as when I was reading about a dwarf coming across to Night Elves having a 'tender moment' in a dark corner of the cross-continental subway.
My favourite bit is of course: Yar Yar, Hump, Hump!

Two funny pics... )
I have also decided to start again in a different realm. The guilds on Sunstrider were all either elitist 60+ only or deader than paladin without a hearthstone...
I now have a forsaken priest on Scarshield Legion which is an RP-PVP server. Amusingly the priest is named Takhisis and has found a guild called Dragonlance Guild :]

Other than that, the most exciting thing currently happening in my life was the dinner I had last night. A cut down version of spaghetti bolognese that consisted mostly of beef and cheese. Hot diggity that was far tastier than I expected and it was only will power (And WoW) that kept me from gorging myself to death...

And finally, it really made me chuckle that those dumb bastards tore up and burnt the Swiss flag...
And since it's sinful and evil to depict Mohammed I thought I'd bring you one of my favourites:

And for those who want more...

And finally, a quick survey for muslims: )
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I'm reasonably certain that it's a bad sign that I have created a Friends View purely for WoW communities...
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There is something calming and relaxing about fishing...
Just standing or sitting there, kicking back, relaxing, with your silver tabby on the shore of The Loch in Loch Modan :]
And even though some might say it's useless, I like get my skill in cooking and fishing as high as possible...
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I just realised that I forgot to bring my World of Warcrack CDs with me to work.
Dammit. What am I now gonna do 'twixt 17:30 and 19:00?

I don't suppose anyone in the city (Near Fenchurch Street) would happen to have a set of WoW discs I can borrow for the day?


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