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Linux Day 3:

I have managed to figure out how to connect and partition a hard drive. It turned out to be slightly simpler than certain 'helpful' websites had led me to believe. So now I'm looking forwards to plugging the last two in, and see how I get on.

I have also managed to find a reasonably decent Solitaire clone. This is very important!

I have access to MSN Messenger via Pidgin and VLC is providing me with all I need to watch my pirate downloads (Yarrrr).
I haven't sorted out an e-mail client yet. I'm tempted to see if I can get Outlook 2007 to work with Wine.
I would prefer a nicer file system utility. I wonder if Midnight Commander or Norton Commander have some descendents for Linux...
That would be sweet...

I'll try to practice with the shell tonight. I'll need to move horrendous amounts of data around (about 1tb) so I'll have ample opportunity to try that out.

Then I'll also need to map network shares more permanently. I am supremely confident that I'll be able to do this.

Once that's done, and I don't think I'll get it all done tonight, then it's time to install and configure Compiz, it's basically a program that should enhance the user experience, and a music player...

In the meanwhile, I managed to finally get around to taking pictures of my full Warhammer Army )
178 Models
8300 Points

And when I posted the pictures I realised I had left one out... /sigh

And the other thing I'll be doing tonight and over the weekend is to paint...
I need to, at the very least, finishe off some of those tanks...
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A lot of people like Hot chicks...
A lot of people like guns...

And an awful lot of people like a hot chick with a gun )

With thanks to [livejournal.com profile] faerierhona :]
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NYE pictures are up
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Here are 4 pictures from Lanzarote...
They're pretty self explanatory :]
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I have seen many motivational posters in my life, but few beat these.
My favourite: )

I also think it's time I started an AFAIK original meme.
Comment by posting a picture of yourself that you like and which show something positive about you.
I want positivity here. Only worksafe pictures please...
And if you'd like to, go into detail why you like it.
My picture: )
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And like the Wacken pictures it's all of them.
I'll get rid of the crap ones later at some point...
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Are here...
Unsorted and there are a lot of them...

I'll sort them better some other time...
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Hooray for Garlic & Shots
Hooray for a valiant attempt at drinking them dry
Hooray for cute bar staff that keep bringing me drinks and food

And a double hooray for indiscriminate picture taking :)
Pictures are here.
There are quite a few as I have posted all 128 pictures I took...

After 15+ shots and a same if not more beers I think I'm excused from Viking practice today...
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There are a few pictures from M'era Luna here.
They're not mine, but some of us from [livejournal.com profile] camp_victory are in them.
Oh how wet we look :)
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Yay, pictures from [livejournal.com profile] vrghost's birthday meal at Garlic & Shots
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As some of you know, I take part in Viking re-enactment and I have finally taken some photos.
They're a bit blurry, but you can't really expect people to stand still when they're being attacked with big offensive weapons :)

I'll try to put captions on sometime tomorrow...
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[livejournal.com profile] elfenkind kindly sent me this and that in turn led to five new icons:

Full Size Originals )

I have to admit that there is no way my uniform icon could with stand the onslaught of such cuteness...
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Oh dear, Harry Potter and crew revealed as goths )

And I might do a real update soon.
I just need something exciting to happen in my life...
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I'm sure you all know it's Hedgehog Day today.
Sore here is a cute little hedgehog picture :)


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