Feb. 25th, 2009 02:16 pm
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What the hell is wrong with people?

There has been chocolate in our kitchen area all day, and I'm the only one stuffing my face with it :-(

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I just called a client in Liverpool and spoke to her colleague who said that she was off ill with the bug that seems to be hitting all of Liverpool.
I was so tempted to say ‘The workshyness bug?’ :-D

Oh, and this video is beyond hilarious:

Bored, but at least there's good music on...


Oct. 24th, 2007 02:59 pm
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So, feel like work? )
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That may be, but dammit, when I one day rule the world all those code
monkey who don't comment their code will be up against the wall.
I'm really not enjoying going through someone else's script (Someone who
has left obviously) and not only trying to figure out which way the
logic flows (Sideways mostly) but also fixing things that are broken
because of changes from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003.
And *then* I can get started on the stuff I'm really meant to do with

Oh well, at least it's not PERL...
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Wow, i actually had something interesting to do yesterday for nearly two hours.
Of course, if I had remembered a little utility called psexec.exe I would have done it in 10 minutes instead...

Basically, I had to automate updating the registry on 30 or so servers tonight.
The update was a registry file that needed to be imported.
Aha, easy peasy I thought... rcmd.exe can do that.
But alas, rcmdsvc.exe isn't installed on the servers...

Not a problem I thought, I can work around that...
Nothing a little script to install rcmdsvc on each of the servers, launch it, import the registry file, kill rcmdsvc and then remove it again can't handle.
Easy. Nothing to it...
After boxing with this for a little while a kind chap over at the Microsoft Newsgroups asked why I didn't just use psexec.exe to accomplish this...
'Hmm' I thought, what a splendid idea.
10 minutes later...
A couple of shiny batchfiles to sort the problem.
About as elegant as an elephant, but it'll do for now.
Later I'll see about making something a bit prettier to do this.
Especially since this will have to be done again at some point.
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Being called at 2am when I'm not on call and told that people from Tokyo to London can't connect to one of our boxes.
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How not to get a job :]
Glorious :)
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So, how would you rather spend your Sunday?

A) Sleep in till you wake up by yourself. Have a good tasty and nutritionally sound breakfast followed by a day of relaxation (In whichever way you enjoy)..


B) Get woken up at 10:45 because some idiot user can't be bothered to read e-mails from IT saying that his server will be down for a day or so.
Then get a call 30 minutes later saying that users can't connect to another server.
Go have a look. Realise with that special sinking feeling that tells you it isn't gonna be a good day that the drive which contains all the mailboxes is gone... Ooops...
Fix that, get a new error message, fix that, get a new error message amd so on for the next 3 or 4 hours.
I was slightly annoyed by this point. Especially when it got past 15:15 and I knew that there was no way I was going to get to viking training today :'(
Anyway, it seemed that for some reason (And I'm not going to bother investigating that now) the cluster tried to failover during the night, but failed (Oh how ironic are these technical terms?)...
Oh well, 5 hours of Sunday overtime pay is not to be sniffed at :-D Just a shame I have to wait a month and a half to get it...
And it's nice to be able to sit at home and do it so I can at least listen to reasonably good music...
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It's all fun and games here in the investment banking word...

Since I now have a smartphone with Windows Moblie 5 on it, I thought it would be silly not to play with it and just use it as a phone.
And so I did.
And so it broke.
Installing Good Link Mobile Messaging is reasonably simple and easy and I've done it before.
You make sure you have the correct GPRS settings from your network provider, go to the relevant Good website on the device, download the correct software, install, configure and use the license key you get when you were provisioned on the server. It all went well until I discovered that my colleague had provisioned my Exchange 2003 mailbox rather than my Exchange 5.5 mailbox.
Not a problem, I'll just do it myself and do it right.
And so I did.
Except, I didn't remove the existing Good Link software as I thought it would be clever enough to overwrite the existing software.
Needless to say that wasn't the case...
The device now refuses to go further than the boot screen where it seems to initialise GPRS and the phone software but not start the GUI properly.
A soft reset essentially just re-boots the device and didn't do sweet FA and for some reason a Hard Reset which is meant to wipe all data + software off of it and restore it to a pristine factory condition doesn't work.
Nevermind, this is a good lesson and I will find a solution.
In the meanwhile I'll be using my Nokia 6230i as my phone.

Active Sync is, as I said, an absolutely swine. I can get it to work once at home and to get it to work again I need to wipe the device. Bloody useless.
When I plug it in, it activates, pretends to try to sync and just does nothing no matter how long I wait. Quite annoying. I will look more into this at some later stage and probably end up looking for alternatives...
It's working fine in the office though, but here I have a proper grown-up mailserver which seems to make it happy. I have of course gone through the helpfiles and set-up both the device and Active Sync as suggested to make it work with a home based Outlook that just has a pst file to work with, but no dice...

Installing the Blackberry Enterprise Server is not fun. First I had what I thought was SQL errors, but turned out to be Exchange 2003 related.
When an enterprise level application says that there is a database error and this application is heavily reliant on an SQL database I think it's forgiveable to make that assumption.
As an aside, it's funny to see two indians taking the piss out of each other. Especially when one of them are about the size of [livejournal.com profile] fayeshine and the other is like a big version of Samwise.
Anyway, it turned out that the Exchange 2003 servers RAID array which hosted the storage groups had melted. That would certainly break Exchange 2003...
After that got fixed I then had to fight my way through the Blackberry Technical Knowledge Center trying to find a solution.
Again no dice, so I'm now waiting for T-Mobiles Technical Helldesk to parse our logfiles and see if they can figure out what's wrong.

I caved in and bought a Creative Zen Vision:M. It was too pretty, too siny and too comfortably big to pass up. I had to have it...
And it should be arriving tomorrow...

My knife set is currently with Parcel Force who wanted me to pay Customs charges before they'll deliver. That has now been paid and hopefully it will be with me by the weekend...

I finally got rid of World of Warcraft. Again.
It's a time sink beyond belief and I'm glad it's gone.
I now have one machine that functions as my fileserver, imaginatively called [Server], one machine for e-mailing, LJ'ing browsing and so on called [Nurgle]. This machine could theoratically play WoW if I turned all programs off and ran WoW at all the lowest possible settings. And it would still not be good to play... The machine I used to play WoW on, formerly called [Slaanesh], and my other Compaq which used to be called [Khorne] (Anyone see a theme here?) now both have Windows Server 2003 on them and soon they will be introduced to Exchange Server 2003.
I will really put my head down and get those darned exams over and done with...

This will be helped by the bill I just received for my dental work. £990...
I will be having a quiet October I think, so don't expect to see me out too often next month.
Shame really, especially since I had just started looking for a decent NAS...

And now I'm off to see Blind Guardian...
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Bedlam DL 3...
Quite an amusing little story about how the messaging engineers at MS screwed up just a little.
Icidentally, so did the same development team here that screwed up yesterday, so when I came in today our mailservers had again been brought to their knees.

My new phone is pleasing so far.
I have managed to get some software called AvantGo to run on it.

It pulls down news from various sources that I specify and I can then read the articles later offline when I'm commuting.
Very nifty and very handy. It actually makes me want to spend more time on the tube :)

Synchronising it is a swine though.
Microsofts Actuive Sync 4.2 will only allow me to Sync with one pc per type of item being synced.
This means that if I sync my contacts at work, I can't also sync them at home. Naturally this pisses me off as I have so far been used to using my phone to keep my contacts synced between home and work.
I could of course remove the sync settings each time I get to work or get home so it won't know that I'm being naughty, but bitter experience tell me that that will cause all my contacts to be duplicated >_<
So, the hunt is on for a free piece of software that will sync my Outlook contacts, notes, calendar and tasks between multiple Outlooks and my device...

For those of you looking for something to replace your Blackberries, this devide is the canines cojones.
When I got it Friday we immediately put my Crackberry SIM in it and put the necessary software on it.
It was a delight to be working with e-mail on this device compared to my BB.
Definitely something to bring to the attention of whoever holds the purse strings. And if they aren't loosening, see if you can get a device to try out for free from your account manager with whichever telecomms provider you have and give it to the bean counters, you'll have your device soon enough then :)

I still have to get used to the handwriting recognition software, but that will come in time...


Aug. 18th, 2006 06:52 pm
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That was close...

One of our Exchange services have been falling over all day and we haven't been able to figure out why.

Since I'm on call, I'd be the one getting a call everytime it breaks over the weekend, so I thought I'd be clever and set up a schedule to automatically get it up and running if it goes down again.
But then I suddenly realised that I'd be missing out on the call out fee each time it falls over and quickly disabled the scedule.
Damn that was close. This looks like it could be a profitable weekend for me :-]

Me MAN!!!

Jul. 26th, 2006 03:55 pm
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Me hunter/gatherer
Me hunt the great Tesco Chocollate chip cookie.
I snuck up behind the Lexmark printer, and swiftly while the Enterprise Server Team weren't looking I pounced upon the defenceless cookies and leapt back to my desk to devour my trophy in peace.
Well, as peaceful as it can be when you're in the tail-end of a disaster recovery scenario, but I have a cookie so I'm ok...
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Or at least find a new supplier until our contract with them runs out...

We have been trying to get our ceversheets changed and dear lord, their staff are so goddamned thick it's unbelievable.

I'm not normally rude in e-mails but I finally flipped and wrote this: )

And deeeeep breath...
I feel so much better now.


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