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In geeky news. I have just finished installing Ubuntu and Open SUSE on some virtual machines and will try play with them for a bit.

Linux Day 1

Jun. 2nd, 2009 01:50 pm
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Linux Day 1:

Last night I installed kUbuntu on Khaine, and it mostly went well.
A couple of snags were hit, but with the right blessings of the Omnissiah and incense to soothe the Machine's spirit all was soon well and I was booting into a new and strange Operating system.

Unlike last time I tried Ubuntu, Nvidia had provided a fairly simply way of enabling Dual-Monitor output. Getting it to save the configuration changes were a different matter as I had to run the program as root and there was no obvious way of doing that.
Coming from Windows I'm used to holding Shift + Right Clicking when I need to do something with elevated credentials.
Never mind though, ridding the galaxy of Xenos, Mutants and Heretics is a journey, not a destination and with the help of [livejournal.com profile] digitalangel I managed to overcome this obstacle as well.
Ok, that's an exaggeration, she told me step by step what to do :-D
A couple of reboots later, and Ubuntu is now stretched across two monitors.

A nice thing about Linux is of course the sheer amount of free software available and I was soon on MSN again courtesy of Pidgin.
I found a couple of Solitaire clients which I'll be trying out later ^_^
Firefox has all my usual add ons installed so the most important things have been taken care off.

Now we come to the 'To Do List' for the evening:
1) Install VMWare
2) Find an e-mail client that allows IMAP access to Hotmail
3) Figure out how to mount additional hard drives!!! (I may have solved this one...)
4) Figure out how to 'map'/connect to network shares so they are always there when I log in!!!
5) Find a decent WinAmp replacement
6) Find a good video player (I'm guessing VLC will be the choice here)
7) Go to the gym
8) Make a big tasty burger
9) Eat a big tasty burger
10) Paint either some Tau or a Razorback
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I don't know how many of you this is of interest to, but it looks like HD-DVD has been killed off...
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So, I have been a bad geek lately. I finally got myself a 3G Datacard from 3 but I haven't actually plugged it in and tried it out yet.
Shame on me...

Anyway, my Google Fu also seems to have abandoned me.
I'm trying desperately to find a 128 or 256mb AGP graphics card that's half-height (Like this one) but ach no luck so far...

I've been dividing my time fairly evenly between studying, working out and playing WoW over the last few weeks with very little time to update social networking sites...

Anyway, I guess it's time to start looking at a solstice present for myself.
I will see if I can put together a reasonably nice games system so I can play WoW with all settings in maximum and still be nicely prepared for W:AR...


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