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Now this is geeky... :-)
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I haven't had the chance to look around in the site, but I think Imight have to get myself a Wicked Laser for X-Mas... :)
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It's all fun and games here in the investment banking word...

Since I now have a smartphone with Windows Moblie 5 on it, I thought it would be silly not to play with it and just use it as a phone.
And so I did.
And so it broke.
Installing Good Link Mobile Messaging is reasonably simple and easy and I've done it before.
You make sure you have the correct GPRS settings from your network provider, go to the relevant Good website on the device, download the correct software, install, configure and use the license key you get when you were provisioned on the server. It all went well until I discovered that my colleague had provisioned my Exchange 2003 mailbox rather than my Exchange 5.5 mailbox.
Not a problem, I'll just do it myself and do it right.
And so I did.
Except, I didn't remove the existing Good Link software as I thought it would be clever enough to overwrite the existing software.
Needless to say that wasn't the case...
The device now refuses to go further than the boot screen where it seems to initialise GPRS and the phone software but not start the GUI properly.
A soft reset essentially just re-boots the device and didn't do sweet FA and for some reason a Hard Reset which is meant to wipe all data + software off of it and restore it to a pristine factory condition doesn't work.
Nevermind, this is a good lesson and I will find a solution.
In the meanwhile I'll be using my Nokia 6230i as my phone.

Active Sync is, as I said, an absolutely swine. I can get it to work once at home and to get it to work again I need to wipe the device. Bloody useless.
When I plug it in, it activates, pretends to try to sync and just does nothing no matter how long I wait. Quite annoying. I will look more into this at some later stage and probably end up looking for alternatives...
It's working fine in the office though, but here I have a proper grown-up mailserver which seems to make it happy. I have of course gone through the helpfiles and set-up both the device and Active Sync as suggested to make it work with a home based Outlook that just has a pst file to work with, but no dice...

Installing the Blackberry Enterprise Server is not fun. First I had what I thought was SQL errors, but turned out to be Exchange 2003 related.
When an enterprise level application says that there is a database error and this application is heavily reliant on an SQL database I think it's forgiveable to make that assumption.
As an aside, it's funny to see two indians taking the piss out of each other. Especially when one of them are about the size of [livejournal.com profile] fayeshine and the other is like a big version of Samwise.
Anyway, it turned out that the Exchange 2003 servers RAID array which hosted the storage groups had melted. That would certainly break Exchange 2003...
After that got fixed I then had to fight my way through the Blackberry Technical Knowledge Center trying to find a solution.
Again no dice, so I'm now waiting for T-Mobiles Technical Helldesk to parse our logfiles and see if they can figure out what's wrong.

I caved in and bought a Creative Zen Vision:M. It was too pretty, too siny and too comfortably big to pass up. I had to have it...
And it should be arriving tomorrow...

My knife set is currently with Parcel Force who wanted me to pay Customs charges before they'll deliver. That has now been paid and hopefully it will be with me by the weekend...

I finally got rid of World of Warcraft. Again.
It's a time sink beyond belief and I'm glad it's gone.
I now have one machine that functions as my fileserver, imaginatively called [Server], one machine for e-mailing, LJ'ing browsing and so on called [Nurgle]. This machine could theoratically play WoW if I turned all programs off and ran WoW at all the lowest possible settings. And it would still not be good to play... The machine I used to play WoW on, formerly called [Slaanesh], and my other Compaq which used to be called [Khorne] (Anyone see a theme here?) now both have Windows Server 2003 on them and soon they will be introduced to Exchange Server 2003.
I will really put my head down and get those darned exams over and done with...

This will be helped by the bill I just received for my dental work. £990...
I will be having a quiet October I think, so don't expect to see me out too often next month.
Shame really, especially since I had just started looking for a decent NAS...

And now I'm off to see Blind Guardian...
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Bedlam DL 3...
Quite an amusing little story about how the messaging engineers at MS screwed up just a little.
Icidentally, so did the same development team here that screwed up yesterday, so when I came in today our mailservers had again been brought to their knees.

My new phone is pleasing so far.
I have managed to get some software called AvantGo to run on it.

It pulls down news from various sources that I specify and I can then read the articles later offline when I'm commuting.
Very nifty and very handy. It actually makes me want to spend more time on the tube :)

Synchronising it is a swine though.
Microsofts Actuive Sync 4.2 will only allow me to Sync with one pc per type of item being synced.
This means that if I sync my contacts at work, I can't also sync them at home. Naturally this pisses me off as I have so far been used to using my phone to keep my contacts synced between home and work.
I could of course remove the sync settings each time I get to work or get home so it won't know that I'm being naughty, but bitter experience tell me that that will cause all my contacts to be duplicated >_<
So, the hunt is on for a free piece of software that will sync my Outlook contacts, notes, calendar and tasks between multiple Outlooks and my device...

For those of you looking for something to replace your Blackberries, this devide is the canines cojones.
When I got it Friday we immediately put my Crackberry SIM in it and put the necessary software on it.
It was a delight to be working with e-mail on this device compared to my BB.
Definitely something to bring to the attention of whoever holds the purse strings. And if they aren't loosening, see if you can get a device to try out for free from your account manager with whichever telecomms provider you have and give it to the bean counters, you'll have your device soon enough then :)

I still have to get used to the handwriting recognition software, but that will come in time...
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Just because I can I'm posting from my phone via WiFi...
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Ooooohhhh, I really want this or this.
It's the same phone but those two auctions might end at a price I'm comfortable with...

One of my colleagues have one and damn it's gorgeous.
I'm currently pretty tired of my Nokia N70 and I think that will be my last Nokia for some time. I'm even thinking of going back to my 6230i...

I actually meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot to hit 'Post Entry' so I posted it now that I'm in work...
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Do any of you people out there in Geekland have anyexperience with WiFi providers?

I'm thinking of getting one for myself and I only have experience with T-Mobile.
They're generally good when there is coverage, but unfortunately their coverage is patchy at best...

I know from my mobile phone connection that O2 has great coverage all the places where I'm likely to spend much time (Garlic & Shots, Dev, North Acton) and I believe it's the same for Orange. I just wonder how good/fast/reliable their WiFi is...

In the end, it will probably come down to who has the cheapes subscription fee...
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So, one one hand I may harbour some ill will towards George Lucas, but finally I may be able to rest easy...

I'm looking forwards to that just a little bit :-D
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Yesterday I completely failed to kill or maim [livejournal.com profile] punctured_lung or myself as I drove [livejournal.com profile] allezbleu's car across London to where she works. This was despite my best attempts as I'm sure he'll attest to. At least he started breathing normally again once I parked...
Not that I'm a bad driver, just an exciting driver. I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] gothicbarbiecat and [livejournal.com profile] lee_c_rip will agree...

Got an extra motherboard for my new server in case the current one turns out to be duff. And if it isn't I'll have the motherboard for a second server.
[livejournal.com profile] haloj, I suspect the CPU's you have will fit this one if I remember the product numbers correctly...

I currently have four fully working PCs, one that needs to be put together but should work and one that may or may not be working. This leads to a lot of cabling, so once I start getting my payrise, I think I'll go as wireless as humanly possible.

My plan at the moment is as follows:
Get a wireless ADSL router.
Put a couple of hyyooooooge harddrives in the server, put it in the attic and never turn it off. I will have to come up with a cool name for it.
One of my smaller machines [Beast] will continue to be my main workstation.
[Odeon] will continue to be used for watching movies/TV series on, but they'll be stored on the main server.
[Slaanesh] will still be used primarily for WoW as it's my most powerful pc :]
This leaves me with two, possibly three, spare PCs which I will set up on a seperate subnet and use for testing software that I download and for my MCSE training.

I also need to find out from [livejournal.com profile] elfenkinds other half whether I got one of his companys old PCs coming my way...
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I would appear to be able to read LJ from my crackberry :)
And post too...
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Does anyone know if there are any open/unprotected wireless networks in the Soho area that one might be able to jump on?
I'm particularly interested in Frith Street...
That G&S is located there is of course purely a co-incidence :->
[livejournal.com profile] spikey_bastard, [livejournal.com profile] camillat, [livejournal.com profile] posthuman_angel and my good self will be going to Wagamama for some decent food tomorrow and possibly G&S on Saturday... Money being a bit of a concern at the moment, G&S might have to be re-scheduled. I suspect [livejournal.com profile] camillat might feel the same way...?
I think I shall bring my laptop to both of those fine establishments to see what connectivity I have there...

Ooohhh, how cool would it be to play WoW while relaxing in G&S ?

Work is ridiculously busy and I'm loving it. Since I don't have to deal with slackjawed-yokels end-users, I quite happily work away during lunch, don't notice I should have gone home 30 - 40 minutes ago and I happily log on from home and work if necessary... I have discovered an entirely new enjoyment of work. Let's see how long it lasts :)
Fortunately Semagic works through our firewall, so updating ElJay is easy :)

I may have been persuaded to go to Synthetic Culture tomorrow...
Hmm, I think it shall have to be a drinkless night as I'm waging war on my beergut while trying to stay friendly with my bank...

Todays chest work-out was good, but I really could do with a gym buddy as my benchpress is sorely in need of some progress. I'm a bit reluctant to stack the bar with as much as I can lift due to the worry that I might drop it and kill/maim myself... So today I only did 50kg benchpress but I quite happily had 35kg dumbbells in each hand when I did dumbbell presses afterwards...
Annoying, but never mind. I nearly did 37.5kg but not quite. Soon... Soon...
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So far I'm enjoying my new position in messaging.
It's not overly busy, but there is stuff to do most of the time. Not that we get stressed as the guy who plays Counterstrike: Source (I think(?)) will agree on.
Personally I'm much too busy to play games or check ElJay... There's is a fair bit of stuff to learn here, but that's ok, I'm happy with that.

I also get toys. It's not much, but I have just been given a Blackberry to play with and there are other toys on the horizon.
I don't want to sully my soul by using Macs, but those 21" I think) wide screen monitors are impressive. Hmmm. It's very progressive of this bank to offer their workers the choice between Macs, Wintel machines or Linux boxes depending on what they prefer... That's not something you see often. Hmm, I'm tempted... Actually I'm more tempted to see if I'd be able to whack Linux on one of those bad boys...

I have also finally cancelled my membership to my local temple of pain gym and I'm going to the Soho Gyms near Holborn after work to see what it's like. It looks promising though...
Anyine else here who might be meber of a Soho Gyms?

And I'm guessing that you've all heard of the dyslexic black metaller who sold his soul to Santa :]
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Here are 4 pictures from Lanzarote...
They're pretty self explanatory :]
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High on the list of reasons why I like Lotus Notes is the way that it only allows one connection to your e-mail at a time.
Because no-one in their right mind would everwant to log on to a second pc to check their e-mail.

But on the other hand, despite my comments the other day about Notes developers being evil, it's now clear to me that what they did was sweep the streets for all the mentally unstable people while emptying the asylums of the criminally insane and then sat them down with a keyboard.
Instead of rocking back and forth while biting their knuckles, they could now give something back to society.
Mostly pain...

But of course, it's a feature...
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So, I would appear to have bought some dice.
I'm now nearly ready to get back into RPG'ing...

Once I have The Players Handbook and whatever the current version of The Wizard's Handbook is these days I'll be away, as it were...
Scarily geeky :)
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So, I have cancelled my WoW account.
I decided that I just couldn't be bothered.
The hours it took here and there could be better spent, and I really don't want to spend an entire Saturday here and there playing WoW. I'd rather spend it in the gym or playing something equally geeky: AD&D

It would appear that plans are afoot and it will be:
[livejournal.com profile] blakeshell Gamesmaster
[livejournal.com profile] mr_eleganza - Norse Battlemage (Wow, what a surprise)
[livejournal.com profile] britalian - Elf rogue, warrior or both
[livejournal.com profile] himal - Who knows what he will be...
WINOLJ="Barbara" - Animist Elf (Whatever that is. I think it's some sort of gypsy/hippie)

Yay, I'm suddenly 15 again :)
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[Poll #571062]
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So, using dead people for make-up and beauty produts is unethical.
I thought recycling was a good idea. Oh well, never mind...

I would also appear to have the plague. Or flu. Or something like that.
I was feeling very grotty, snotty and sore-throaty last night and this morning, but after a lot of SpagBol with ridiculous amounts of spices and garlic I'm now feeling noticeably better.
I will not be ill while [livejournal.com profile] velvetfur is visiting. I think I'll give the gym a miss today as well, just to be on the safe side.

Thankfully [livejournal.com profile] elfenkind's hubby has brought me a DSL modem so I might get on-line tonight.
Sadly I suspect that one of my PSUs might be faulty and responsible for frying one of my machines.
Naturally I don't really want to test it on the others :)
Oh well, I'll tidy all the cabling up tonight, and I might also order an indian take away.
Turmeric is healthy and might be good against this flu/cold/plague/whatever it is.
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Fitness First launches The Lightsaber Workout.
Sculpt your body like a jedi or Natalie Portman :)


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